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History Questions

Question One           

America was very reluctant to participate in the First World War and they preferred to remain neutral and isolated from the war. Nevertheless, there years after the war had been waged, America was drawn into the war because of several reasons. Some of the primary reasons why America was drawn into the war included the resentment for German dictatorship, American business interests, the Zimmerman note and unrestricted U-boat warfare (Joll, 1998).  Essentially, in 1915 the Keiser declared that all the ships heading to Britain were to be destroyed regardless of the flags they were flying. This development led to the wrongful destruction of several ships (Joll, 1998).  Subsequently, the Americans were enraged because a considerable number of their ships were destroyed, that is, the increased activity of the U-boats that sunk several Americans ships and killed American citizen prompted America to join the war. Additionally, the potential ramifications inherent in the Zimmerman note also prompted the Americans to join the First World War.

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The note encouraged Mexico to attack America for the land that belonged to them. Germany promised to help them regain the land lost to America. America felt threatened by the note; therefore, they decided that it would be within their interests to join the war. Further, Americans joined the war because of they had mega business interests in some of the allies. America had significant business investments with the French and the British and were they to lose in the war they would have been unable to repay the U.S debts back. Even though the German dictatorship was a minor reason for participating in the war, it is very evident that President Wilson desired to make the entire world safe for democracy, especially Germany where the citizens could not determine and control their leadership (Joll, 1998).

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Question Two

The fourteen points of the League of Nations have four categories, which include democracy, free trade, open agreements and self-determination. The points aimed at changing the overtly secrete diplomacy practiced in Europe  

Question Three

The first red scare was a period between 1991 and 1920 when the there was widespread fear of anarchism, Bolshevism and the effect of the rampant agitation that characterized America after the First World War. Mitchell Palmer was the attorney general of the United States between the periods of 1991 and 1921 and he was responsible for directing the Palmer Raids (Ackerman 2007).  The attorney general heads the special division of the Department of Justice. The palmer raids were the concerted attempts by the government of the United States to arrest and deport very radical leftists and anarchists from the United States. The palmer raids ended after strong opposition from various members of congress, public ridicule and constant criticism from the press (Ackerman 2007).             

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Question Four                   

The women's suffrage refers to the struggles to achieve equal rights for women in the society. Most importantly, it refers to the right to vote and to run for elective potions within the society. In most instances, the concept is used to underline the political and economic reform movements aimed at ensuring that the rights of women are expanded without any boundaries or limitations such as payment of taxes, property ownership or marital status (Evans, 200). Because of the women's suffrage, most American women gained several liberties such as the right to pursue work and the right to vote. The movement also led to a significant shift from traditions that stifled the progress of women in the society.

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Alice Paul was one of the key figures who championed for the political achievements of women in the ninetieth century. She was born in January 11, 1885 (Evans, 200). She is very significant because she dedicated most of her time and resources towards the realization of equal rights for women. He held the vision that women and men should be equal partners in their respective communities, societies or nations. Women received the right to vote in 1920 through the ratification of the 19th amendment.  Wilson supported the women's right to vote because of constant and relentless campaigns mounted by the women's suffrage movement. The protestors or campaigners won the presidents respect and support, and this led to the passage of the 19th amendment (Evans, 200).

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Question Five

The new deal was a response to the economic crisis that hit America during the great depression. Some of the programs included the Agricultural Adjustment Act 1934; civilian Conservation Corps; and Social Security Act (Powell, 2003). The programs had their benefits and faults. The Social Security Act established a very elaborate system that provided pensions for old age workers, unemployment insurance and assistance for defendant mothers, the physically disabled and blind. Nevertheless, the program did not cover the domestic and farm workers. It perpetuated poverty and made many Americans less secure. The Civilian Conservation Corps ensured that approximately 2.5 unmarried men were put to work to maintain and restore beaches, forests and parks (Powell, 2003). The workers earned only $1 per day but they were entitled to free job training and boarding.

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The main fault of this program is that it encouraged a considerable number of men and women to be dependent on government handouts in military style camp and in effect, it lowered their self-esteem and their resolve to work hard (Powell, 2003). The Agricultural Adjustment Act 1934 was also a very critical program. It attempted to raise the prices of various farm products. In paid the farmers to discourage them from growing particular crops with the aim of lowering production. In effect, the decreased production of some farm products had the potential of decreasing supply and raising their prices. The fault of this program is that it benefited the large-scale farmers and food processors at the expense of the small-scale farmers and sharecroppers. The farmers had to cut down on their productions. Due to this program, tenant farming and sharecropping became outdated (Powell, 2003).

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