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Mexican War on Independence

The Mexican war on independence started between the years 1810 to1821, a period of eleven years. The basis of this war was the idealistic peasant's rebellion that occurred between the people of Mexico and the Spanish colonialists who conducted some kind of rulling in Mexico. This was also a freedom fight as the Mexicans wanted to escape the rullings of the Spanish people. The Mexicans were up to getting their freedom that they claim had been deprived of them. Another factors that triggered this rebelion was the harsh rules and policies of the Spanish that brought a lot of difficulties in their lives.

The rebelion lead to a long term war that lowered the economic status of Mexico. This collapse in economy, left the Mexican people without some of the basic requirements that can help in sustaining their lives hence leading to an increase in death rates. Due to all these tribulations that faced the people of mexico, historians came up with different strories pegged on the historical backgroung of Mexico that they thought were the basis of all those problems encountered by Mexicans. As it can be seen from the experiences depicted by various historical books, the reasons for the war were due to class warfare and Spain's economic system in place to harvest the wealth created by the natives of Mexic.

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Some of these historical articles or books depicts that the war officially ignited in December 1650 when one of the Irish adventurers known as William Lamport escaped of forged his way out of the prison and displayed some of the information concerning the Spanish rulling on the human race. His information also stated some of the negative things associated with the ruling and therefore wanted to inform people on some of the strategies of escaping the Spanish governance (Theodore, 2001). People came up with their own perceptions concerning this issue a hence making everyone interested in the Mexican historical background to carry out his or her own research that could give them a proper explanation to some of their question in relation to the Mexican historical background.

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According to the research carried out on some of the past experiences in relation to the human race, as stated earlier, The Irish adventurer posted some of his writtings on the walls as posters and this is one of the factors to which opened the windows to wars and struggles in Mexico as ther Mexicans' eyes were opened to see what the Spanish were after. The peasants on the other hand contributed to this kind of struggle or formed the basis of this stuggle when they started to complain on how their masters handled them of which they refered to as a neglect to humanity (Chasteen, 2002).

The Irish andventurer in this case, wanted the Mexicans to break up with the Spanish so as to have different religions. He also wanted to become the emperror of the new Spain which was to be formed as a result of the split up. Some of the srategies that he had put in place were to terminate the Spanish governance. Due to these strategies that he planned against the Spanish Governace, he was recaptured and put into extinction by burning. It is from this point where it can be clearly seen that the Spanish were upto certain things in Mexico hence they were afraid of loosing it.

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The sole reasons as to why the Spanish did not want to loose Mexico, was because they wanted to acquire wealth and other valuable products within Mexico. Due to this interest they had for the Mexican products, they they used all sorts of Methods to make sure that they took control over Mexico. Though they wanted to use ideal methods, they finally came into a decision of using forces. It is also by this method of conquest that war erupted as the people of Mexico did not want to watch their properties taken away. Another reason for war erruption was because of the class as they categorized each other differently depending on the economic stability. Due to this class difference, the Mexicans were subjected to some kind of tribulations by the Spanish that made them to raise complains. Some of these complains were also based on the violation of certain human rights and gradings.

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There were a lot of things that lied behind the Spanish way of governace that impacted them positively while on the side of the Mexican, they turned negative. Some of these impacts were issues of discrimination, racial segregation, and land reform that seemed to have faced some kind of irregularities. These are some of the key things that stimulated the rebelions and struggles for independence in Mexico. Not to forget is the issue of slavery that exposed several Mexicans to be used as working tools that could used by the Spanish to fulfill some of their set objectives and selfish desires that were bound within the bracket of injustice (Harvey, 2000).

The Mexicans aslo became the first Spanish-speaking Americans to abolish slavery. Though Mexicans faced a lot of tribulations in the ancient days, it still has some of the untold stories that fell in their historical background that were meant to be private and confidential to the state alone. This was so to safeguard and retain the respect held for the country or state fron various countries in the world. The Spanish on the other hand, had some of their aims that they wanted to achieve through putting or subjecting the people of Mexico to such tribulations. The war for independence brought about some of the relationships and interelations among some countries especially to the Mexican country or state. This became effective in that, there were those countries that had strong economic stability and all the ressources needed by that time hence wanted to help the Mexicans aquire their freedom peacefully. These countries or nations came between the Mexicans and the Spanish to interveine so as to stop the rissing matters of death and human humulations.

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It was through this that all the countries with similar notion towards the war, came together and to developed good relations. These countries did not necessarily involve themselves in war but only to find more genuine ways of curbing the matter. The issue of slave trade was also one of the big problems that the Mexicans faced. They were overloaded with work that was of no benefit them hence lead to the rise in death cases. Generally, the war was based on many things that the Mexicans considered important to their lives or well being. One of the things that the Mexicans were up to was the recovery of their confisticated lands that made their life one big mess because they had nothing to claim its ownership (Andrews, 2006).

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They intended to sort out the issues of land reform that could stimulate the prevalence of justice and human rights. The war also messed up the economical status of the state and a lot of destructions were made that took the present Mexican government a long time or duration to cover up. The country was also locked out of certain activities due to the kind of war that they were subjected to. This lock up was to ensure security to other nations that did not want to enguage or involve themselves in war.Though very many nations or countries had not gained their full refoms at by then, there were certain things that linked some of the nations together. The kind of leadership that was conducted in the ancient period was not always based on justice but favoritism.

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These are some of the reasons as to why some of the nations suffered a lot. There were no legal grounds on which conflicts or problems could be solved apart from wars that determined the winner. The governing system in the past, was based on the authoritarian kind of rule that dictated everything and it is from this kind of rule that Spanish wanted to subject the Mexicans to so as to have the full rights of aquiring their wealth.

The Mexican war can generally be concluded to have been a genuine war that was meant to relieve them from humiliations that any country or state could subject them to with the aim of confisticating their properties or wealth. This spirit that the Mexicans had, made them to defeat the Spanish not with anything else but the the majority of the people who happened to be on the rebellion side of the war. It can also be concluded that, the spanish involved themselves in war so as to aquire some of the wealth that the Mexican residents had made. Another reason was due to the class difference that existed between them. They all graded themselves differently.

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