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Asia and the Aftermath of World War II

The World War II in numerous ways molded and fashioned the outlook and shape of our modern world, in both Asia and Europe. The war's effect had far-reaching, devastating, implications for most of the world's countries. After the war, the Axis countries experienced the most changes. The Allies, including Britain, America, and the occupied countries were changed too.

Political effects

The war is identified in different perspectives as the main initiator and catalyst for many national, continental, and local phenomena. It contributed to the birth of the welfare states of United Kingdom, the re-outlining of European borders, the creation and founding of Israel, the takeover of Eastern Europe and China by communist, and the division of Korea and Germany and later of Vietnam. The ending of empires in Asia, was seen as the immediate and most memorable aftermath of World War II.

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Emergence  of organizations

The World War II brought about the emergence of many organizations. Some of the examples are the World Bank, the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, and the World Trade Organization. During this period, technologies, such as, the electronic computer, nuclear fission and the jet engine, also appeared. The war saw a multipolar world being overturned and replaced by a bipolar one, dominated by the two powers, the Soviet Union and United States, which eventually became to be known as the superpowers.

The Asian aftermath

The aftermath of World War II was somewhat different in Asia as compared to Europe. Asia as an area, that had been largely colonized by European countries and thus, liberation from the Japanese had a very different meaning than was the case in Western Europe and Europe as a whole. In Asia, the Japanese Empire was vastly dismantled and Manchuria was returned to China. The Civil War was too, fought to a conclusion and the Communists emerged as winners.

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The Asian aftermath Contd

Korea became independent but divided as the Chinese Nationalists sought for refuge in Taiwan. The War empowered nationalist groups in a short duration, ending colonialism. Among the Asian countries, India was the first country to attain independence. Most of these new countries were greatly influenced by the seemingly rapid Communists and socialist economics approach to development. Economic growth and prosperity was widely expected due to the attainment of independence. Apart from the above, Asia eventually turned to be the battleground for the afterwards, Cold War.

Postwar effects and gains

In Japan, the aftermath of the war, led to improved of living standards, cultural adoption of some American elements, economic growth and change in gender roles. South Korea and North Korea  remained divided nations after end of the 1953 Korean War. Dictator Kim II Sung formed soviet type of government. The state controlled much of the spending on heavy industry, economy, and military. North Korea achieved commendable gains with Chinese and the US aid. Food shortages and Poverty, though, spread across nations as the foreign aids went on the law.

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