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Proposing an Argument in History

Douglas and Stanton in their works came up with various arguments on the Declaration of independence. They adopted the use of comparison to analyze issues of slavery that was rampant in America before independence. This was the time when almost all American people were fighting for freedom. He also uses irony to analyze issues that came with the enactment of the constitution. He said that the constitution has been written with its main aim being the abolishment of slavery in the country.

After telling the people the history of their fathers, he talks about the current situation of slavery in the country. He argues that many individuals claim that there are many evils associated with slavery but they fail to fight it. To Douglas the fathers of the American people fought hard for the independence of the nation but afterwards the people are not living up to the standards set by those fighters. When he was called upon to give a speech, he claims that he is giving some form of offering to the state altar and is acknowledging the fruits that he and the other black people have obtained from the constitution yet all this is not what he is really after. He later claimed that the constitution was only meant for the white Americans. Though they are celebrating the anniversary he claims that he and all the black Americans sees fourth of July as the time when America became blacker and full of evils instead of being a state that has attained its independence.

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Douglas also through the use of comparison argues that the independence that was attained was meant for only the white Americans. He compares the lives that the blacks and the whites are living in the world and argues that the blacks have not received the fruits of independence.

Stanton on the other hand uses comparison and irony in her work as she strives for equality between men and women in the society. She compares the laws of nature and the laws of God with various actions of mankind. She also compares the current society with the time of creation where both men and women were to be equal in all rights. She claims that whenever the society goes against this rule the subjects have a right to disobey it.

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She puts forward the kind of life that women are living today. She claims that this kind of life is what has been started by men who do not give women the right to vote and made them to be submissive. Through the use of irony she claims that even the rights given to the less capable man are not awarded to the women in the society. She claims that the acts done by women to men are immoral and marriage institution puts them into jail where they are bond by acts of obedience.

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