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The top chart mapping represents different types of information in one layer. They include interactive displays with various types of shapes on a map. The bottom mapping chart shows different layers on a map and different parts of the map.

The main message of Minard is to represent ancient history. In his representation, the author uses the advice of contemporary historians and considers Polybius's histories. Moreover, he tries to show people how ancient people used to go to war and organize their armies. His maps try to show the different parts of the world during different times and get comparisons to understand how those areas have changed over time. In his work, Minard depicted military campaigns with a passion for substantive content. The author wanted to educate people on the horrors of war and the destruction it caused. To achieve this, Minard compares the deaths that Napoleon and Hannibal caused. He communicates his ideas to the intended audience with arguments and illustrative examples.

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Select Title: The Minard System: The Complete Statistical Graphics of Charles-Joseph Minard.
Author: Sandra Rendgen
Date published: 2018
Quotation “His choice of content subtly reinforces Minard’s focus on the human costs of war. Minard never mentions Napoleon” (p. 136).
Main Argument Loss of life through war.
Expand The text resonates with me since I agree that the cost of war is too expensive because it causes many deaths. Moreover, there is destruction of property. It includes businesses and homes, leaving people homeless. There are also cases of rape during the war that leave deep scars on an individual. In addition, war causes deep scars in people that take a long time to heal because people lose their loved ones. During the war, there is no peace, and people turn against each other.
Conclude Therefore, war is bad because it causes loss of lives and property destruction.

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