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The Battle of New Orleans

Discuss the Battle of New Orleans and Andrew Jackson's role in the campaign and battle.

The Battle of New Orleans transpired when the Americans at the back their mud battlements repelled the assault of General Edward Pakenham's fissure army. According to Cowan, Dufour & Leblanc (2001) indicated that "the British opened a five phase operation by capturing five American gunboats on Lake Borgone in an unequal engagement on December 14, 1814" (p.127 ). Following his battle preparation, Andrew Jackson and his undersized, ragtag force effectively endured the British proceed in the Battle of New Orleans in the year 1815. In addition, Cowan, Dufour & Leblanc (2001) says that "although it was fought for two weeks after the Treaty of Ghent had been signed, the Battle of New Orleans was important for several reasons to the United States" (p. 128).

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Why was Jackson successful?

In the knowledge of many citizens of New Orleans, their first thought was to save the city and state of New Orleans. On the other hand, the first contemplation of General Jackson was to overcome the British still at the forfeit of the city (Karsner, 2003). Karsner further says that Jackson was successful because he knew that a draw back before the British troops would burn the city so that if the British arrived they will have a hot reception and an empty victory (2003). It was also established that the American losses were that six people were killed and seven others were injured in General Jackson's main lines on the east bank (Karsner, 2003). The victory of Andrew Jackson was his conquer of British operation against New Orleans and more importantly he was successful because Jackson took sufficient time to set up defense of the city (Karsner, 2003).

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What impact did the battle have on the war? On US politics

The New Orleans battle fabricated significant changes in America and its people. Firstly it blotted the last shedding of blood between the two great English speaking nations (Cowan, Dufour & Leblanc, '2001). Secondly, Andrew Jackson's conquest eventually sent him to the White House. McNeese (2000) says that "for one, Jefferson's vision of an American of agricultural producers who could purchase their manufactured goods from Great Britain was no longer possible" (p. 58). Also the encounter fabricated an understanding in many Americans that a well-built United States was one that was able to protect itself and meet its without reliance on another supremacy (McNeese, 2000). The battle further produced a new sagacity of nationalistic self-importance in the American people.

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