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99 Percent Protesters

Numerous peaceful demonstrations are going on in most cities of the United States. It was on 29th September 2011 when thousands of people from San Francisco, Los Angeles, Florida and Portland decided to support Occupy Wall Street demonstrations in New York with the tagline “We Are the 99 percent.”  There have been debates and discussions concerning what the American protesters stand for. Despite the lack of cohesive suggestions about the protests, it can be argued that the “99 percent protest” stands for the majority of the Americans who are not wealthy.  The objective of their actions is to effect change in the corporate world. The central message is to end inequality in the United States and advocate for fair representation of all individuals in the political structure disregard of their economic status (Achilles 2011).

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The protests have harbored great deal of attention among the political class in the United States and the rest of the world. The Occupy Wall Street protests have gained a lot of momentum. According to Ferranti (2011), the start of the protests is attributed to economic pressures faced by many US citizens. As stated earlier, the group protests in a bid to be fairly represented in political system and that their economic plights are addressed. The rate of unemployment in the country is becoming high hence people cannot afford to meet some important basic needs such as food and health care.  Leavitt, a self-employed consultant, said “I am without health care for the first time in my life simply because I cannot afford it” (Achilles 2011).  The protester said that she is worried about what will happen in future if corrective actions are not taken by the government. The protesters are thrusting signs into the public that advocated for rebuilding of America. The cost of living has become extremely high that the US citizens cannot afford education. The university students are worried about hard-to-get financial aid and their inability to afford college education. The protesters argued that poor pregnant mothers have died from preexisting health service condition in the country. Most of them cannot access proper treatment. They perceive the government and the wealthy individuals to be less concern about the poor citizens. Basically, many of the protesters argued that the starting point of the 99 percent protest is to help the unemployed, uninsured and homeless by peacefully advocating for good governance in the country (Ferranti 2011).

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The protesters believed that the country is stagnated in all aspects. People are losing jobs and becoming victims of bad economy. They spend most of their time in street corner carrying American flag bandana which pictured desperate citizens. As a result of harsh economic conditions, people have opted to joining advocacy group as the only opportunity of voting for change. The protesters believe that their actions would send a message to politicians to pursue change in order to end economic and social problems facing the citizens. Kevin Fitzgerald was among the protesters and said “I hope it sends a message to politicians to do what’s right instead of voting along party lines. It’s more about working together better to stop the bickering” (Ferranti 2011). The US citizens are discouraged by the present economic crisis but they are hopeful about the future. Protesters believed revolution is necessary in order overcome negative effects of tumultuous economy (Ferranti 2011).

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The majority of the Americans have not access to wealth. Due to economic downturns, people have experienced great deal of difficulties. The broad agenda of the 99 percent protest is to let people know that the country is in unsustainable economic path. Therefore, meaningful changes should be executed.

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