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Was British America founded as a Christian Nation

It is wrong to say that British America was founded as a Christian nation. Those individuals we recognize today as creators of the nation, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Paine, were all individuals who proved hostile to the aspect of Christianity. Their ideologies in establishing America was based on the need to liberate the nation from the hands of the British masters hence get power (Norton et al). They are termed as power hungry individuals who were out to get power at any cost, at the expense of American Revolution. The revolution begun in 1776 and was charged to separate America as a separate nation so as to inherit the land.

The Bible states that all citizens should be subjects to the rule of the land and pray for those who govern them. The American Revolution was based on resisting the authority that already existed which is contrary to the teachings of the Church that calls people to adhere to the governing authorities. Rebelling against the British Monarchy that was in power at the time meant that Thomas Jefferson and company were going against God and cannot be labeled as finding the nation based on Christian beliefs. For instance, Thomas Jefferson was never a Christian and was considered a Deist, which uplifts the fact that the revolution considered God as the nature God.

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The god mentioned in the documents of revolution is not the same God we perceive today; they viewed him from a Deist perspective. It was only Thomas Paine who advocated for a fully democratic state as compared to the others. Christianity do not allow for the killing of innocent life in the name of justice. Furthermore, the founding fathers of the nation viewed that any type of religion was never to be associated with the government and that it was to act on its own. IN several of the letters of George Washington, he never mentions Jesus and some of his major quotations refer to him as a Deist.

Norton et al states that the intent of the founding fathers at the timer of the birth of the nation was to keep the nation separate from the Church so that they function as two different entities. Christianity calls for the incorporation of religious business and the church into the leadership of the nation. This was never the case with the founding fathers. The basic motivator in finding the nation was economical and not from a religious angle. Those who differed from the majority were persecuted in Jamestown an indication that it was greed that propelled the faith of those seeking to liberate the nation.

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There is evident that the period of the American Revolution was characterized with political taxation as compared to religious beliefs. Religion was just use to persuade others in giving their public opinion but was never incorporated into the aspect of debate. The beliefs of the Roman Catholics were never to be incorporated into the ideologies of the nation since they were subject to sovereign leadership. The U.S constitution further supports the fact that British America was never founded as a Christian nation. For instance, it does not mention Christianity, God or even Jesus in its secular document and the power of the nation comes from the people and not God.

In the 1797 Treaty that was signed with Tripoli, it states clearly that the United States was never founded on the Christian Religion. The first government of the land was completely separated from any religion. It is worth noting that the Bible states that we love our enemies and do well to those who hurt us (Norton et al). On the contrary, Benjamin Franklin declared that the national motto should be rebellion to tyrants as obedient to God. In conclusion, British America was never founded on Christian ideologies as have been illustrated above. Some of the religious beliefs that have been mentioned did not take into account the supreme powers of God.

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