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The Holocaust

Gender and sexuality with reference to the Holocaust in the contemporary world

The holocaust was a systematically conducted genocide under the Nazi Germany led by Adolf Hitler that led to the death of about 5.7 million European based Jews and about 4.5 million civilians of Europe. Hitler introduced law that made it a taboo to have sex with the Aryans to protect the German blood that was a great violation of human rights. Zionism was at first seen as a way of civilizing the barbaric Palestine’s in the late 1880’s to 1918. It later turned to be a negative retrogressive way of oppressing the Palestinians living in Samaria and Judea. The realization of Zionism is a repeat of what happened after the Second World War when the Nazi Germans killed the Jews in large masses. This idealism repeats itself up to date in the current genocide cases in the world. A government sponsored coup attacks a crowd of a specified race of people killing indiscriminately the male, the female and children as it happened during the holocaust and the Zionism. This is a lesson that is learned by us trough the hard way. From these two cases, it has learned that victims of any sort of genocide will at one time repeat itself. The gender and sexuality in this aspect is the point of reference as witnessed in these circumstances. Different races differed due to religious matters that culminated into a long-term almost permanent rivalry between the two races. The Zionism and holocaust made people who had little knowledge of what was happening to suffer. In the process of revenge, innocent civilians suffer the consequences of whom they ally to in the process. Holocaust will never cease as long there is history of a feud that existed long time ago.

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