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Analysis of Love in Three Contexts

Love has been identified to be the strongest force that has ever existed on earth. Love creates strong bonds between people, their loved ones and country to the extent tat they can sacrifice their lives to protect their love. Three aspects of love are common in the face of the earth. One is the Love of God. This type of love is also widely known as the Agape Love. In this regard, God loves man and expects Man to love him too (Afscme 1). God however extends his love to man even in their own rebellion. The second category of love is evident in the love for Husband and wife. This kind of love is called romantic love. It is very strong and occurs out of attraction towards a person of the opposite sex. The third kind of love is the filial love. This leads to the development of great friendship that lasts for a very long time. The love towards one’s country shall also be highlighted in this paper.

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The Love of God

Gods love has always been set at the top. Many world religions believe that man was created by God. After the creation of Man, God did all things to make sure that Man was comfortable. The Love of God for mankind is also seen when he delivered the Israelites from captivity in Egypt. The Israelites had gone to Egypt when Joseph was prime minister. He helped his brothers and parents to settle in the Goshen land that was full of green pasture. However as time went by, Joseph died and the Israelites were put into captivity for 400 years. God heard their cry and sent Moses to deliver them. These people were so special in the eyes of God. They had favor and strong attachment to God. We see the love of God when he sends his Son Jesus to die on the Cross.

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God has always shown great live for mankind. The death of Jesus is a very strong illustration of the great bond that God had with Man. People have also shown great love for God. Martin Luther King Junior is one such person who had great love for God (Afscme 2). He served God passionately and spoke the truth in boldness. Many people who loved God were even ready to give up their lives for the sale of the truth the believed in. we see the apostles giving in to death for their strong love for God. They lived top defend their truth. Martin Luther King Junior also had a strong call from God to speak the truth in boldness. He criticized the government for discriminating against the blacks (Afscme 2). He said that all men were equal before the Lord. He did not waver in his quest for liberation. He was not even afraid of laying his live for the sake of liberation.

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Romantic Love

This is a type of love that exists between people of the opposite sex. This kind of bond can be very strong to the extent of leading two lovers into marriage. The Romantic kind of love will create strong attraction between man and woman. This kind of attraction normally exists between any two people. In the poem by Whitman, he illustrates strong words that best describe the kind of bond he had with his lover (Whitman 2). He boasts that only he can impress his lover upon a touch. The romantic love will drive people to want to have romance and sexual intimacy.

The romantic kind of love is strongly enhanced by giving. All the lovers are committed to one another in their self sacrifice. It has been ironically explained that one person can sometimes be in love with more than one person at a time. This is however controversial and debatable. In such a case, one of the loved people may be scoring higher than the opponent. Loving two people at the same time has always been called double dealing. The double dealer will always lose al their lovers when discovered. People always get emotionally hurt when they discover that someone has been cheating on them. Whitman underscores the fact that Romantic lovers will many times want to live together and forever. Children are always a product of romantic relationships as illustrated by Whitman in his poem, a woman waits for me (Whitman 1).

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This kind of love is reflected in the relationship between a parent and a child. Great friends also have the kind of attraction that is categorized under this bond. This is a strong feeling of liking and love for a person. One will always desire to spend a lot of time close to their loved one. They will always desire to talk, rejoice and make their loved ones feel good. A parent will work so hard to make their children comfortable. This kind of love is also evident in one’s love for his country. People like Martin Luther King Junior worked so hard and fearlessly demanded for change that would end racial segregation.

Whitman illustrates the love between friends in his poem, Song of Myself. This poem illustrates his good feeling for himself and his friends (Miller 56). In other interpretations of the poem, people have always said that the self mentioned in this poem could be referring to America. In regard to this, the poet likes his country and illustrates praises for his region. Many people worked so hard to liberate their countries from tyranny as a result of their great love. 

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