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Marijuana Legalization

In the United States, every New Year comes with new laws including laws that apply to the medical use of marijuana (Justin 1). This is mainly as a result of the rapidly changing social and political landscape in which more states pass pro-marijuana legislation (Justin 2). Although quite a number of states have approved the medical use of marijuana, others may not have officially done so. For instance, Arizona, Vermont, Connecticut, and Massachusetts are the states which are still questioning the support on taxing and regulating marijuana (Meyers 2). Other states like South Dakota, Oregon, and California have not passed the legislation, thus preventing its use in the states (Justin 2). However, marijuana remains illegal federally. It is therefore wise to consult an attorney if one has to use marijuana (Meyers 1).

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Why is Marijuana Illegal

Marijuana is federally illegal in the United States based on a number of reasons. First, it is always professed to be addictive (Head 1). The Controlled Substances Act of 1970 classifies it as a Schedule 1 drug meaning that it has a high potential for abuse (Head 2). Secondly, though marijuana seems to be of medical benefit to those suffering from glaucoma and cancer, these medical benefits have not been nationally accepted. Historically, marijuana has also been associated with narcotics like heroin (Head 1). This is due to the early antidrug laws which were written to regulate narcotics including marijuana. Finally, being that marijuana was once associated with ethnic groups, many have never generally accepted it to be legalized (Head).

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The Pros and Cons of Legalization Marijuana

The legalization of marijuana has always been a contentious issue owing to the implications at stake ( 2). Since there is overwhelming evidence that it relieves a number of medical conditions, the legalization of marijuana may make proper research possible ( However, most opponents to the legalization of marijuana are of the view that legalizing it may trigger a widespread use of drugs, and erode the anti-drug campaign among children. All in all, the legalization of marijuana is still a contentious issue ( 1). 

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