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Native Americans

The term native America refers to the indigenous people of American continent. The origin of many Native Americans can be traced back to India. As the whites increased their settlement in America, many natives were displaced and their turned to be agricultural lands. Subsequently, they were subjected to forced labor and of them could hardly make ends meet. “Superman and me” gives us a clear explanation of the suffering of Indian Americans.

First topic: The Indian Slave Trade

This topic is essential for international students in understanding the culture of Native Americans. As a topic, The Indian Slave Trade encompasses the various Indian communities that existed in America and how many of them were mistreated anti-Indian communities. By studying this topic, a student will be well equipment with knowledge about slavery particularly among the Indian Americans and harsh living conditions that they were subjected to. For instance, ‘superman and me’ give a clear explanation on the severe poverty that Indians lived in while in America. The boy narrates the hatred that Indians and blacks faced in America where education was only left for the whites. The topic also highlights the emergence of black Indian communities known as ‘Hide Me’. The name was derived from the fact that they ran from the harsh treatment during period that preceded American Revolution. There are few documentaries regarding this group hence the student will get a chance to more research on such factors. The topic will greatly help students to understand the history of Indian communities in America. The students will also get to learn the process of mergence between Indians and Blacks. The topic encourages a lot of realism into the beliefs and culture of American people who happen to be multicultural.

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Second Topic: Columbus’s Treatment of Native Americans

This topic highlights the typical life of Native Americans under the colony of Columbia. The two rivers outline how Native Americans suffered from various wars and poverty. This topic describes how the Native Americans have continued to suffer because of racial discrimination. Many of the foster cares in America are dominated by Native American children. This is mainly because of abject poverty among Native Americans coupled with evident racial segregation. Through this topic, a student gets to learn about American Indian culture and traditions. The student is also exposed to Indian art and craft as well as Indian languages. By studying this topic, learners will be able to understand American history in a tribal perspective. The student is also exposed to current events and issues that affect Native Americans. International students get to learn about cultures in a dynamic way. The truth about beliefs and perspectives of indigenous native America is also widely explored. It is evident that Native Americas especially of Indian origin were denied the right to education.

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Third Topic: The Impact of Alcohol on Early Native Culture

In this topic, students are well informed about the Indians attitude towards alcohol. Many Indians adored drinking with a belief that it would connect them to spirit world. In ‘children of plain’ we get to learn about the bitter truth on impacts of drinking. The site highlights the problems that Lakota people faced in regard to a disease known as Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD). The reality of children getting affected as a result of exposure to alcoholic drinks before birth is well covered in this topic. The topic also highlights the use of alcohol in ceremonial activities and rituals. The reality of how Indians were given drinks by foreign merchants for the purpose of getting them out of their furs. As a student, this topic is very informative with regard to abuse of alcohol among Indians. The culture of domestic violence and poverty caused by too much of alcohol is another crucial for international students in learning the culture of Native Americans. In other words, learners will be able to understand the impact caused alcohol consumption in the contemporary society. Other factor which may be of great importance to international students is the issue of rum trade and how women participated in such trade.   

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Native Americas have a rich history that students can tap. This ranges from cultural diversity up to political revolts. The suffering of the native America (slavery) is also another factor that students can explore with regard to understanding the origin of slavery. 

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