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Annotated Bibliography

Tavani, Herman, T. Ethics, and technology: controversies, Questions, and Strategies for Ethical Computing. New York: John Wiley & Sons publishers. 2007 print. This 12-chapter book introduces a learner into several Ethics in computing. It deals with cyber ethics, which include methodological framework, perspectives, and other concepts of cyber ethics. It also provides ethical theories that a learner requires in order to enable him establish and justify a good system. A learner is also taken through skills of logical arguments and critical thinking. These skills provide them with a basis for evaluating issues related to cyber ethics. Other than these, this book provides guidance on moral responsibility, codes of conduct, and professional ethics, it also guides on how to maintain privacy, security, and identifying crimes in cyberspace. Finally, this book provides the Ethical aspects that are involved in converging and emerging technologies in computing.

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Sherman, Daniel, J. & Souder, William, E. Managing new technology development. New York: McGraw-Hill publishers. 1994 print. It is a three-part book with eleven chapters. The authors divide this book such that there are several chapters under each part. The first part which deals with critical leading decisions, introduces a student to various ways of management, entrepreneurship and ideation, how to develop influential technology and other product theories, and finally, defining users and markets for current technologies. In the second part, the authors bring in the issue of implementing decisions. These involve ‘organizing for technology and innovation’, manufacturing capabilities and converting R&D, launching of products and the subsequent results, and the upcoming paradigm associated with development of new technology. Finally, the third part deals with emerging issues, which entails aspects of culture differences especially on management of new technology, an upcoming field of technology’s strategic management, and guidelines on necessary future research.

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Barness-svarney, Patricia, L. & Cone, Robert, J. How the new technology works; a guide to high-tech concepts. New York: ABC-CLIO. 1998 print. This is an easy-to-read guide on the working principles of the new technology; it is one of the best books of technology. It contains plenty of information related to high technology boundaries. It is user-friendly and has about fifty topics, which are typically high-tech, these topics include nanotechnology, micromachining, biotechnology, GPS, CCD< circuits, and planetary spacecraft. Other than these, this book also provides guidelines on current technological development in lasers, optical data storage, networking, genetic engineering, and supercomputers.

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Fannin, Rebecca, A. Silicon dragon. How China is winning the tech race. New York: McGraw-Hill professional publishers. 2008 print. This is another three-part book, which shows how China has gone up the development ladder. The first part gives the history of how Robin Li came up with the idea of internet development where he managed to supersede Google and earn himself a lot of money. It also gives an account of Jack Ma who managed to beat Yahoo and eBay scoring a record in the initial public offer. Peggy’s work on developing a website that saw Amazon come down in china is also discussed in this book. Besides these, the capitalists’ venture into china and china as the innovator rather than a copier especially of ideas from America is explained in details. The last part of this book s about China’s first entrepreneur who designed a software that could be used for selling items, short text messages that are sent for free using mobile phones, and the invention of the web browser called Maxthon.

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Chorafas, Dimitris, N. The new technology of financial management. New York: John Wiley & sons. 1992 print. This book has its base on the changing economy worldwide, which has necessitated a shift in financial operations of many organizations. It gives the tools that are required to increase and transform the bottom line of a company. It also shows how to organize and manage financial operations used to control activities in overseas markets. Other than these, it provides a clear understanding on the current technological developments, which are a threat to treasury, forex, and trading.

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