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The Olean Sportsplex

Olean Sportsplex is a multipurpose sports complex that is to be built in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The sportsplex will be a modern state of the art fitness facility for various indoor sports. The sports include hockey, gymnasium, figure skating, speed skating, golf, minigolf, and indoor soccer among other sports. The increasing cases of obesity in the urban American society, with major research stations recording that at least 62% of the American population is obese has meant a push for healthy living. Obesity is due to poor feeding habits (most Americans eat junk food) hence the call for proper nutrition.

Often a person is considered obese when the Body Mass Index (BMI) is more than thirty. As such, the complex is to promote fitness and health through sports in keeping with the American nutritionists’ campaign for the society to remain lean. Hence, the name Olean Sportsplex reflects getting lean through sports in the complex.

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Most of the leading health concerns in the contemporary American society have been health related. Heart related complications have caused more deaths than HIV/AIDS in the recent past. More people are suffering and/or dying from strokes, high blood pressure, diabetes and some forms of cancer and the related complications. These diseases are directly related to the feeding habits of an individual much as heredity plays a minimal role for some casualties.

Similarly, rise in death and affection have led the elite Americans to think of ways to protect themselves of these killer diseases and complications. Since staying healthy is not just about eating healthy, but also about exercising and keeping fit, most Americans are tending towards physical fitness and heath. More membership enrolments have been recorded in gymnasiums and indoor sports facilities.

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It helps to operate a facility that will solve the people’s problems at the present time. The name Olean explains the use of sports to remain lean, which acts to burn out fats that is not needed thereby leaving an individual lean and hence less prone to heart anomalies.

The Olean Sportsplex Facilities

Weight Rooms: There will be three weight rooms for ardent weight lifters and casual gym attendees. The outstanding features of the weight room include dumbbells ranging from 5-95 lbs, Plates, satellite radio, Cybex leg press among other state of the art features. The machines embrace the smart strength technology that offers variable resistance for muscle work out.

Locker Rooms: There will be gender specific locker rooms with saunas, lockers and shower areas. The locker rooms also take into account the needs of the physically challenged.

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Baseball Training Areas: The baseball training area will have two different sections where full range training is undertaken. The field will include two batting boxes, two pitching lanes and batting cages. The sportsplex also has two turfs of which one has a multipurpose turf coverings and a state of the art hard wood court where badminton, volleyball and basketball is played. There will be two fully furnished and equipped rooms with a CD-4 change stereo where zumba lovers can enroll and keep fit while enjoying their music.

Marketing Strategies and Service Delivery

Americans have been told that it is important to feed healthy and exercise but they have not been told that different exercises are specific for individuals. They have also not been told for how long they should carry out specific exercises. At OleanSportsplex, individualized exercises are provided. An initial basic assessment of the clients is done to verify which exercises an individual undertakes. Since exercises yield fruits when done correctly, it is important for the client to know what is good for him/her based on the age, medical condition and general lifestyle. The customized individual consultations and provision of nutritional advice is an advantage for Olean Sportsplex.

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As much as there will be competition from other facilities in the area by virtue of the length of time they have been in business, Olean will as a marketing strategy use technology to provide information to the clients in the comfort of their homes and offices. The use of traditional media will be applied together with top notch public relations and the involvement of the clients in the development of the sportsplex as a way of building the brand. At Olean we believe in transparency before the clients who are our bosses as we incorporate the current social concerns like environmental management and the labor policy. We do not believe in employing juveniles.

Revenue Generation at Olean Sportsplex

Eatery: The complex has a food outlet in which sumptuous nutritious organic foods are prepared and sold. In the contemporary American settings, accessing eateries that sell exclusively organic foods is not easy. The eatery, All Organic Food Shop sells foods that are professionally prepared considering all the hygienic and nutritional needs of the customers. It is in a serene environment.

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It has the advantage of ample packing space. It can be visited by the whole family since there are children bays with caretakers where children can catch some fun and eat at the same time. In line with the promotion of healthy living through healthy food, there will be a catering team that can be hired to cook in events like weddings and anniversaries. The healthy eating campaign does not stop at the eatery but will also gain entry into colleges and schools as well in a span of one year in operation.

Events Parlor: There will be open areas where outdoor functions can be held in the complex. There are provisions for weddings, birthday parties and other parties like anniversaries. The area is lush green, scenic and convenient (easily accessible). The charges are manageable and terms of use flexible depending on the customer needs.

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The project intends to employ a total of two thousand professionals 70% of whom will come from the local area. This is in a bid to provide youth employment and economic empowerment to the local folks. The project is not limited to Pittsburgh, but is expected to attract membership from beyond Pennsylvania. 

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