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Artificial Intelligence: Views from Online Discussion Boards

At the moment, the issue of artificial intelligence or AI is a booming topic of discussion in various Online Discussion Boards. According to the members of such sites, speed and memory are characteristics of computer programs, but they correspond to the mechanisms of the intellect of those who design it and put into the programs. Few members also believe that some of the abilities that kids lack till they are in their teens are in, while some abilities that two year toddlers have are out. The complication arises from the fact that cognitive sciences have not yet determined what exactly the abilities of Man are. Sometimes people perform better than computers, and sometimes it is the computers that win.

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Some members also reminded us that the field of AI was based on the assumption that intelligence is the pivotal property of Man and that a machine can simulate it. This posed ethical questions regarding the creation of beings that were artificial; since antiquity, this theme has been a dominant one not only in philosophy but in mythology and fiction as well. Some contend that the aim of AI is putting into the computer the mind of Man, but most probably it is said metaphorically. The ultimate goal, however, is to make the computer programs at par with the brain of Man, but the players on the actual field are not so ambitious. Unfortunately, many investing firms nursing high hopes have gone bankrupt.

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Quite a few of the members in the discussion board were found to be engaged into the history of AI. They noted that by mid 60’s, the Defense Department of the USA began funding research and labs were set up globally. But not having lived up to the expectations in 1974, the funds from governments of the USA and Britain began to dry up. But in the early part of the 80’s, seeing the commercial success of the system and the success story of Japan funding was restored. One of the basic questions is “Can a computer understands a joke and laugh? Can it crack a joke?” The answer is “No”. It can locate tumors and anticipate incoming airplanes, but it fails in one of the basic qualities of the human brain – humor.

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Some of the members indicated that There are various disadvantages that are associated with artificial intelligence and one of the disadvantages is that due to the fact that human being are not present, there is a lack of human touch and hence the quality of human being might be ignored through the use of Artificial intelligence machines (Medley 32). On the other hand, since Artificial intelligence is geared toward replacing human beings in their jobs, it gives rise to insecurity to human beings and hence human beings end up fearing losing jobs. Nonetheless, it can be noted that human beings capability cannot be entirely be replace by the use of machine and hence artificial intelligence can foster feeling of inferiority among works and staff of an organization (Fearn 43). Furthermore, it can be noted that Artificial intelligence can sometimes not function well and therefore, doing the opposite of what they are supposed to do (Burns 28).

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For the younger generation, artificial intelligence can corrupt them and make them lazy. On the other hand, there is no filtering of information through the use of artificial intelligence and therefore, this type of technology can be misused to cause mass scale destruction (Fearn 17). Nonetheless, it can be highlighted that artificial intelligence has a limited sensory input and hence when a problem occurs, it cannot be able to resolve the hitch on its own unless human beings intervenes. When compared to the minds of a human being, the artificial mind is only capable of taking small amount of information and this is because it usually needs individual input devices (Vayda 3). Therefore, it is evident that artificial intelligence has a disadvantage of storing information. On the other hand, when an artificial intelligence collapses, it is hard for it to heal as compared to the human minds and this is a major disadvantage of artificial intelligence.

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One of the members noted that if the computers become both as smart as Man and cheaper, then the labor market will suffer – even the intellectual labor pool. It is horrible because there will be no jobs. On the other hand, why would I build my robot? So that it does my work and I can sit back. As a human race why cannot we do it on the same level? But if robots become really smart, they will take over and bring down curtains to the age of Humans. But if a machine is smarter than Man, can it not be made morally better also? Isn’t it the moral duty of Man to do so?

The main questions that are relevant in discussion boards regarding AI are: Should not robots being as intelligent as Man have rights? If not, then are we not just creating slaves? With robots multiplying and becoming cheaper, should they not have voting rights? For lapses who should be legally blamed – the robot or the manufacturer or the user? For instance, German firms in the 90’s introduced self-driven cars but did not continue with it for the fear of being sued for each accident – even if the number of accidents was less than those caused by human-driven cars. The movie industry has greatly contributed to the fear of robotic culture with their giant laboratories and its horrors. However, it should be noted that the overall view on AI among the discussion board members are fundamentally positive.

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