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Policy Memo to Supreme Leader Karbulee


The volatile nature of the region in which the country sits necessitates that the country should be prepared for any outcome. Kachakistan needs to arm itself with the necessary weapons and work force to keep its borders safe as neighbors may take advantage of weak borders. However, the best preventive strategy of war is to instill fear in the enemy. This strategy may not be foolproof, but it will always have the potential attackers guessing and not sure what to expect. I have, therefore, come up with a weapon program of various weapons that Kachakistan should consider implementing, of course after your Excellencies’ consideration.

 Mechanical and non- mechanical are the two broad classes of weapons. The ultimate weapon is the one that combines accuracy and coverage together (Denton, 2006). By this I mean a weapon that will hit the desired target within meters of the target and the one that will to neutralize the enemy in the numbers. Mechanical weapons are not discrete in their operation as compared to non- mechanical weapons; hence, there is a need to delve deeper and analyze other available options.

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Chemical and biological weapons are the most effective way of neutralizing the enemy in large numbers. In addition, it is difficult for this form of warfare to raise alarm because of its stealth. Its administration is such as through water sources and aerosols. Chemical weapons are relatively cheap to make as compared to the mechanical weapons. Their administration is also cheaper than other types of warfare such as missiles and does not require trained personnel (Debban, 1993). Most mechanical weapons destroy the physical assets of a country thus crippling them; the unique aspect of chemical weapons is that they attacks the core of a country, which is its people. By attacking the people, chemical weapons destroy human capital without which a country cannot exist or build its population. On the other hand, this would mean that the country has to invest in a team of scientists who are loyal to your government as any mistakes could be lethal to the country. Due to the nature of these weapons, to contain the resulting adverse effect is difficult, and any side effects can cause devastation to several generations to come. It would also leave your country without allies in the international community as the use of this kind of weapon is highly frowned upon.

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After deep analysis of the situation and having the best interest of your country’s relations, the best option for the country is a nuclear weapon with the code name “Patchdog”.  The weapon is a remote controlled mini- rocket of extraordinary precision that has the ability to fit into a business briefcase. It is remote detonated and can easily be assembled and disassembled like any rifle. The effects of this mini missile are equally devastating as those of any large missile; the unique feature of this weapon is its compactness. The other difference is that the radiation elements on their own are harmless but combined they make a powerful weapon. The radiation chemicals come in a sealed casket-like capsule; thus, there is minimal exposure and transportation is done separately without attracting the attention that comes with missiles. Once the capsules are fused together manually, the radiation isotopes take three hours for the reaction to reach its detonation capacity. The immediate blast range is approximately a 350-kilometer radius. This radius does not include the area that will experience the second hand thermal and radiation effects. The range here depends on the weather and topography (Samuel, 1962). The country already has a competent group or nuclear physicist and an operational nuclear laboratory.

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Given that countries with already existing physical and human infrastructure in nuclear technology developing this weapon will consume lees of the national budget and the results will be achieved within three years. The weapon is small and compact and thus, could easily move across borders. The country also has an advantage of having the only nuclear power plant in the region and, therefore, is not likely to face any competition.

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