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Camp Lakeview

Introduction to Camp Lakeview

This camp site was established in 1999 and was meant for child education purposes. The site is situated next to Ness Lake, North of Muskoka region. It covers an area of about eighty five hectares. The primary objective was to create a setting that would be educative for children and impart religious values on them as well as to offer recreational facilities. The camping site can hold a capacity of three hundred campers, one hundred and twenty five counselors and other peripheral staff if need be (Shnier, 2006).

Current problems facing the camp

The director of the camp wants to make changes on the site before the next camping season starts. He feels that the ground is supposed to hold more campers otherwise they will not be willing to come to this place since it will be considered not capable of accommodating large numbers. The major problem facing Lake View Camp is that it can no longer hold more than the current capacity. The facilities have also depreciated and cannot be helpful if the camper numbers was to increase. Some are dilapidated or inadequate and need urgent replacement. For example, the drainage system is becoming exhausted and can not hold more than it was designed for otherwise it would be hazardous health wise.

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The neighboring residents are not comfortable with the plan to expand the campsite. They argue that if the campsite is expanded there is a possibility that the lake will be polluted. This will be brought about by the additional recreation activities done in or around the lake. There are also claims that noise pollution that will be irritable to the neighborhood (Shnier, 2006).

The dinning hall is another area of concern because it is becoming overcrowded and cannot support additional campers. The director is considering an option of having the campers to go for meals in shifts. This would reduce congestions in the dining halls. Since the camp is not primarily a profit making business and have experienced some financial crisis. They depend on funds that have to be donated. This money is not adequate and therefore Mr. Brown, the director, is considering launching a committee that will be involved in raising funds so that the camp can have enough financial resources for supporting its activities (Shnier, 2006).

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Camp Lakeview is not the only camping site that children choose to go to. Therefore, it is facing competition. There are many camp sites offering different products and services. Some are better than Camp Lakeview and most preferred by campers. Parents and children may also opt for other alternatives like day camping or spending time in the nearby hotels. This would minimize the campers who visit campsites for summer. Generally this camping site is experiences challenges because it is in its transformational period and therefore the need to adjust before it becomes fully established (Shnier, 2006).

Options present in the case

There are many options open to the director, but he has to choose the most feasible because it might not be possible to apply all of them simultaneously. There is a suggestion of adding and improving the facilities which are already present in the site. The most important item is the drainage system which needs an extra lagoon. Extra cabins would also provide extra capacity for additional campers. This also includes renovating the weather beaten cabins that looks so old. The idea of improving facilities is a possible suggestion but would be crippled by the fact that there may be inadequate funds to meet the costs. The director has already pointed out that the organization is facing economic hardships so it might not be possible to implement this option.

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There is also an option of building a new camping site somewhere in the vicinity. It would be a good idea because it would hold more campers and still be at a proximity hence making management easy. It would also offer the campers a choice of choosing which site they find most appropriate for them, of course after considering the number of campers being admitted. However, several factors would hinder this idea from being implemented. There may be no extra land space nearby to build another campsite. The present campground was extended after a waterfront was bought. The organization may not be in a position to buy more land or better still there may be no more available land to purchase.

The last alternative is to book the campers to an alternative facility. It is a good idea because an alternative facility would be good enough to hold additional capacities of campers expected as well as providing good living conditions that the campers and staff will appreciate. The challenge to this idea is that the campers may not appreciate the alternative facility, depending on where it will be situated. Some campers choose the Lake View camp site because of where it is located. Taking loyal campers to the so called alternative facility will disappoint them because they specifically want Camp Lakeview.

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The best alternative is to renovate the present campsite. After an evaluation of all the alternatives, this one seems the most appropriate. This has to be recommended because it is possible to raise funds just like the director has suggested and forming organizing a committee. This could assist in replacing the depreciating facilities like the cabins.

The money would also be utilized to make another lagoon for the sewerage purposes. The director has suggested that it is possible to divide the campers so that they dine in shifts to minimize congestions in the dinning hall. This should be implemented because it might not be convenient to build another larger dinning hall. Since this organization is growing, it should take one step at a time with the aim of improving the camp site. This way it will be more competitive while the finances would not be stretched.

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