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01B Questions

1. What is the key idea behind the Bauhaus?

Create a school that was led by architecture that crossed all the design and art disciplines.

2. Who founded it, where, and when?

Architect Walter Gropius in Weimar Germany in 1919.

3. Show an image and source of work at the Bauhaus and explain what makes it representative of the values of the Bauhaus?

Marcel Breuer created the chair in the 1920s, and it represents comfort and luxury, the main focus of Bauhaus. Additionally, the seat emphasizes structure instated of volume, which is essential at Bauhaus.

02A Q

1. Where is Parc de la Villette, and when was it built?

Parc de la Villette in Paris, France, and the construction started in 1984 until 1987.

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2. What is the meaning of 'deconstruction' in the context of the Parc?

The art of looking for gaps within meaning.

3. Why are some of the folies incomplete?

They were influenced by Derrida's language of a seductive garland term deconstruction.


Go to pages 12-14 of the text [6-8 of the PDF] and explore this powerful statement by Crawford:

'Faced with such restrictions, the mall can realize its profits only by efficiently mediating between the shopper and the commodity.'

Based on the lecture in class and your reading of the text, explain in 100 words or less the meaning of this quote.

The structure of the mall is not adequate to enable the shopper to have the ultimate experience. When the shopper arrives at the facility, he is provided with many varieties to a point they are confused as all the products promise maximum satisfaction. Therefore, to have the ultimate experience and for the mall to maximize its profit, the mall needs to implement efficient ways to commodity and reach the consumer effectively to reduce confusion and congestion in the facility.

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What is the relationship between publicity and envy according to Berger?

Short paragraph

Berger states that publicity shoe people whose lives have been impacted by consumption and they have become enviable. Therefore, there is a relationship between publicity, glamour, and envy. According to Berger, being enviable makes people glamour and stars by working on natural appetite for pleasure (Berger, 2003). However, it does not offer satisfaction instead, it promises happiness and this is achieved by being envied by other people. Essentially, being envied mainly depends on people not sharing their experiences with the individuals who envy them.

05C questions

  • Why would she say 'fashion is old-fashioned'?
  1. Designers are recycling ideas.
  2. Fashion's individualism is outdated.
  3. Marketing has taken over.
  4. Low prices are destroying cultural values and enslaving workers.
  5. The retain model needs reinvesting.
  6. Fashion is secondary for today's consumers.
  • What is wrong with focusing on 'catwalk designers'?

The clothes on 'catwalk designers' are hideous, and most of the designer catwalks show ugly clothes and cannot imagine any individual wearing them.

  • What are your honest thoughts?

Catwalk designers are not as good as stocks designer.  This is because stocks designers provide well-tailored quality clothes, not the disgusting things on the catwalk.

  • How might the manifesto change your own preconceptions?

The manifesto, if implemented correctly, will make fashion better as it will incorporate all the issues highlighted. Therefore, I might have a better view of fashion and catwalk designer.

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07A q

A. A brand represents the full personality of a company.

B. What are the four stages of 'The Basic Brand Development Process?'

  1. Formulating a brand strategy.
  2. Creative execution (naming and logo).
  3. Creative implementation: advertising and digital presence.
  4. Communicating the brand.

C. What is a parent brand?

The parent brand is the overall promise of value to the consumer in providing quality, consistency, experience, and performance from the brands that it runs.

D. Name a parent brand you like (not from the reading) and name an example of its child.

  1. Parent Brand: Sony
  2. Examples of its child: Sony PlayStation, Sony Mobile, and Sony Music

E. What are 'brand values'?

They are the attributes a customer experiences because of the brand promise. They include origins, pricing, responsibility, and stature.

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F. Suggest three DIDI brand values?

  1. Origins.
  2. Pricing.
  3. Responsibility.

07B Questions

1. Name the three corporations and the nicknames she uses.

Nike: Nickname the swoosh

The Royal Dutch/Shell: Nickname the Shell.

2. Select one misdemeanor from one of the companies and describe it.

Nike was paying its employees low wages and salaries. Its companies in Asia were exploiting their employees by paying them peanuts, which was revied by all major news channels across the country. People even started boycotting Nike products in Europe and America.

3. Describe how activists responded to this corporate misbehavior and the outcome of this action.

Activists took the opportunity and decided to mobilize people to boycott Nike products. Nike was forced to implement the fair wage strategy and even created the position of vice president for corporate responsibility.

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