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Wakefulness, Sleep, and Dreams

The problem of wakefulness, alertness, sleep and dreams has become paramount today. It involves many aspects of life that depend on it. In this paper, I will take into consideration how it impacts everyday activity and what aftermaths a lack of it can cause. I will try to make some facts clear with the help of examples.

The following issues will be raised in the paper:

  1. Why is this topic important?
  2. The role of sleep in everyday life.
  3. How can one use it in future?

I have chosen the topic „Wakefulness, Alertness, Sleep, and Dreams” because it is suitable to any individual. This problem goes through the whole life: a nursery school, a secondary school, a college, a job and so on. People learn and do some work all the time. Surely, they want their work to be done well. One of the major factors that influences the productivity is sleep. However, people do not draw the proper attention to this problem. They think that sleep gives no benefit. That`s why it becomes in the middle distance. Constant slackness and tiredness, as well as other disorders bother a lot of men and women. To my mind, there is no other issue that can be as important as this one.

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Wakefulness, sleep, and dreams are in need at all times. It does not matter whether one has to study or to work. It does not matter who one is, or how much old one is. Proper sleep will always strengthen one`s health. One can see it clear by the example of college. It is no secret that students have to study a lot. Researches have found out that people, who are involved in some business and require obtaining a lot of information, have an increase in rapid eye movement sleep. It is also called REM sleep. It occurs in the case if a person often has to deal with complex information. Thus, one can say that rapid eye movement sleep takes part in processing new information. When this kind of sleep decreases, one cannot “sort” and keep in mind all new things. Life of the student is, without doubt, filled with many surprises that carry one or the other feature. It may lead to an emotional disorder. As a result of it, a person decreases a circle of friends, becomes more secretive.

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Sleep also plays a key role when it comes to the motor coordination and productivity. One may see possible consequences because of a lack of adequate sleep. Focus and attention become destroyed. Thus, it makes it difficult to receive new material. However, not only new information, but also an old one are touched upon it. Because of the disturbance of the neurons, it becomes onerously to remember something.

A student has also to show himself to the rest. He or she should be successful not only in studying but also in other spheres of life. It demands making important decisions. However, a lack of sleep leads to the condition in which a person can no longer accurately assess the situation or judge things adequately. Going through such situation, one loses a link to reality. One may even lose close people and expose oneself to the risk of having a psychological disorder.

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I can suggest the facts mentioned above by making an example. A friend studies at college. He is overloaded with tasks. He says that he does not have enough time to sleep. He is busy doing his homework all the time. At first, it was no difficult to him. Later, his results became worse. He started to spend less time with his mates. The last time he was seen, he looked very tired and exhausted. He could no more succeed in his work. His attention was distracted. Then he was made to go to psychologist. Upon discussing his problem, he was given a piece of advice that he must have more sleep. It may be impossible to believe, but some time later, he looked lively and cheerful. Certainly, one cannot be a hundred percent sure that only proper sleep returned him to normal life. Physical training, joining sport clubs also played a key role in it.

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Therefore, it is possible to say that sleep can help in the future. No matter what one is going to be involved in, a person should always try to avoid the overload of organism. One should enjoy one`s living. That`s why it is important to understand how it can be achieved. Knowing the processes being influenced by the sleep, it is possible to predict adverse effects. If a person becomes aware of the mechanism of remembering of new material, it is possible to make a schedule of everyday activities. Then, an individual will know how much he should sleep to avoid tiredness or even psychological disorders.

In conclusion, it is obvious that wakefulness, alertness, sleep and dreams play a major role in the process of human life. The purposes of sleep are directed to the adaptation of the organism to unusual situations. These situations are bound up with obtaining knowledge, good mood and proper performance.

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