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Food and Human Behavior

Providing the most satisfactory service is the goal of every restaurant owner. When customers are satisfied, there are high chances that they will make the restaurant their preferred choice. However, in order to achieve this, the restaurant owner must ensure that the service, quality of food, and cleanliness are at their best. These are the elements that guarantee significant success in the food industry. The dynamism reflected in the food industry makes it challenging to achieve all the three components sufficiently. In this regard, it is necessary to establish how service, quality of food, and cleanliness have an impact on business success and longevity.

First, portraying admirable service is a good indicator of success in the restaurant business. There are a good number of restaurants that fail in achieving this critical component of business. Service is a non tangible factor in any business. It may be represented by the speed and effectiveness of service delivery. Normally, the hotel business is characterized with quick service delivery. This implies that customers always expect to be served in the shortest time possible. There are situations when the restaurant may be operating at full capacity, consequently affecting the number of personnel who can attend to customers at specific times. During such times, the restaurant risks being branded poor in service, especially when certain customers are kept waiting. Another aspect of service entails meeting customers’ needs. In as much as a restaurant may be having repeat customers, there needs may change with time (Bennett 123). For example, a customer preferring strawberry taste may start preferring vanilla taste. Hence, it is up to the service provider to ensure that they take note of these changes so that when the customer visits the restaurant he/she feels appreciated and wanted. When all these aspects are satisfactorily addressed, this will guarantee success and longevity.

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Customers have a personal attachment to the quality of food that is being served in a restaurant. The quality of food is normally assessed focusing the level of freshness, aroma, and taste. In this regard, the hotel manager should ensure that he hires qualified cooks to guarantee customers good quality of food. Some restaurants are in the habit of providing customers with food that has gone stale. It is not always easy to tell because there are chemicals that can be added to food in order to preserve their freshness even when in real sense they are stale. This is commonly observed with meat products. The aroma of the food served to the customer also plays an important role in determining how the food will be received. When the aroma of the food is not good enough to match its visual aspects, some customers may become discouraged or they may become suspicious of the components that were used in the actual cooking process (Kumar 48). Restaurant managers need to recognize that there are certain customers who are specifically attracted to the specific aroma produced by the food. This does not mean that they have to put certain aroma enhancing chemicals because this will degrade the natural aspect of the food. The taste of the food also matters a lot to customers. For example, the cook may follow all the procedures when preparing a specific food, but he/she may end up putting a lot of salt, consequently making it salty. These aspects significantly affect the element of success and longevity.

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Cleanliness is an aspect of restaurant service delivery should be upheld at all times. Cleanliness is the most conspicuous aspect when it comes to attracting customers. A restaurant that is constantly sparkling will always keep customers coming back to enjoy the surrounding. In essence, cleanliness usually creates an element of ambience and enables customers to be comfortable. In fact, any time a restaurant is classified as unclean; it will automatically lose its customers even when the quality of food and service are the best. Cleanliness is reflected in the premises, the service providers, food serving material, and the washrooms (Gandhi 56). Hence, any restaurant manager needs to ensure that these areas are maintained as clean as possible. This implies that it will not be enough for the restaurant premises to be clean when the service providers are not tidy. This will affect the expectations of the customers regarding other service elements.

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Finally, indeed, service, quality of food, and cleanliness play a major role when it comes to assessing success and longevity in the restaurant business. The components of service entail speed of service delivery, source validity of products, and other elements such as the level of commitment of the restaurant owner to acknowledge changing customer needs. Quality of food entails the freshness, taste, aroma, and visual presentation of the products. Restaurant managers should always ensure that the three components are met in the best way possible. This is because satisfying only one aspect does not satisfy the customers in an effective manner. Cleanliness is another aspect that should maintained by focusing on the premise, restaurant servers, food serving material, and the hotel washrooms. What business owners need to know is the fact that there is need to access all these aspects in a holistic manner. When this is not done, the business may end up concentrating on one item while ignoring the others. Therefore, when all these items are addressed the business will be guaranteed of good progress.

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