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Greg Kotis

This book is written by Greg Kotis who was later joined by Mark Hollman. The show commences with a welcome from officer Lockstock and little Sally who, a street waif. As implicated by the two, the municipal county has experienced a severe drought that has lasted for twenty years causing a significant amount of water shortage that has in turn led to an unthinkable situation in private toilets. Public toilets are managed by Urine Good Company and people have to pay to use the amenity. Harsh rules and regulations are implemented to ensure that people pay to “pee”and when the law is broken the culprit is sent to Urinetown never to return. As the story unfolds, rebels emerge and they try so hard to change the existing laws by enticing people to join “pee” for free rebellion. The play ends with rebels taking control of the situation as the public amenity gets opened for all but the enjoyment does not last long as more people die out of thirst.

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The major themes of the story are revolution and Corruption. Bobby and Sally decided to form a rebel group that lead people to freedom and enjoyment of public toilets they once used for free. They sing the song “follow your heart”. Urine Good Company is formed for the purpose of exploiting poor citizens of their hard earned money and goes ahead to bribe the council to formulate laws that forbid urinating in public. This is corruption at its highest level.

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