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“Zombie Prom; it’s just another day at Enrico Fermi High” is a musical comedy play by the creative arts students at PittsburghHigh School. The story revolves around two students who fall in love. Their relationship goes through many problems, under the influence of the school’s principal and friends. The PittsburghHigh School presented this lively musical show, which enchanted the audiences. The lively performance by this talented cast is captivating and interesting, hence keeping the audiences glued to the screen. The story highlights the issue of “science gone wrong”. Two students; Toffee and Jonny Walker fall in love despite facing several obstacles that may hinder their relationships. Toffee gets smitten by Jonny who is rough and a slack, but has a big heart. Jonny’s determination to win over Toffee encourages him to do almost anything to achieve his goal. I enjoyed watching the two students, as their interaction is not only enjoyable but believable too.

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The relationship of these two is threatened to a separation by an accident hat occurs at a nuclear plant. The couple is forced to separate. The rest of thespians at PittsburghHigh School add to the lively performance at the play; Toffee’s friends dance and sing with striking choreography in order to convince Toffee to seek another love interest. Jonny on the other hand, tries to win back Toffee’s love. He must win back Toffee before the school’s prom, “Miracles and Molecules”. I enjoyed Miss Delilah Strict, the dictatorial principal’s comedic efforts. The principal is played by Joy Mac Donald who is brilliant in offering her part. The Principal becomes disgusted by Jonny’s actions and their relationship becomes sour. This causes a tension between Miss Strict and the students. Sooner, Miss Strict becomes the antagonist that any audience would love to hate. Miss Strict later forms a surprising relationship with Eddie Flagrante, a journalist who is played by Justin Williams. This relationship raises eyebrows among audiences. They played a duet, “Expose”, which is a crowd favorite as it is best played among all the songs in the musicals.

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Zombie prom music id exciting and fast paced due to the live melodies, which the orchestra creates. In addition to this, the High School set consists of highly versatile characters, which allows them to move freely across the scene or no interruption. They add to the excitement by using colorful costumes, which represent the 1950’s teenage life. The poodle skirts complete with leather jackets, which all work together to the idea of “fun” in that era, also highlights this.

“Our lady of 121st Street” is Stephen Adly’s play. The play is presented by Labyrinth Theatre. In this comedy, Mr. Adly presents to the audiences a new anger network; capable of smouldering and startling eruptions. In the opening of the play, a man rages about his stolen pants during his interview with the police detective. This adds to the pact shouting and explosive rants that is vivid in the play. I thought these shouting matches would cease, as people would grow tired of them. However, Mr. Adly presents a variety of imaginations for dialogues by ensuring that each screamer is drawn distinctively and sympathetically characterized. Ina addition to this, the cast is hilarious, attracting and maintaining the attention of any audience. I hardly noticed that the dramatic premise represented a reunion. This is because the play’s writing and acting are so good that an audience rarely concludes its happenings. The play’s title represents a character that the audience never sees, and one who suffers a fateful grotesque.

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The character, Sister Rose, is a nun whose popularity in the play is not affected by her weakness with alcohol, which killed her. Sister Rose’s death brings together mourners, most of who attended school together but have been lost to one another. At the beginning of the play, the nun’s body is stolen from the funeral home. This incidence signals a grimacing tone of comedy for the entire show. The police begin a questioning session about who stole Sister Rose’s body. While the questioning session looms in the play’s background, the actual story focuses on the lives and interactions of the cast who come to the funeral. Each of the cast members, including Sister Rose has fundamental issues in their lives. These issues include infidelity, alcoholism, loyalty, betrayal, sexuality and heresy. I assumed the major point of the play was to air these issues rather than resolving them.

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Two ex classmates, Norca and Inez try to reconcile and let go off their differences. Norca is defensive and hard edged while Inez is a grudge holder but socially assimilated. This reconciliation turns into a catfight with surprising out comes. Norca ends up beating up Sonya, an unassuming woman who knows nothing about the fight. Sonya was sitting at a nearby restaurant table when Norca hits her across the jaw. In the end, none of the characters’ life is with a predictable pain, grief or fear of grief.

The play is presented in chapter forms, separated by blackouts. During the blackouts, relationships are formed and reformed, the cast exhume memories and seek forgiveness and later displays the picture of a neighbourhood. The listing of each character is prohibited by the use of space in the play. However, Ron Cephas Jones, David Zayas and Elizabeth Canavan, with the help of Mr. Hoffman and Mr. Adly make turn the play into an exciting city trouple. Mr. Jones, who plays Rooftop is a liquid-voiced lanky actor. He plays as a professional disc jokey returning from Los Angeles to the neighbourhood. Rooftop loses his cool by seeing his ex wife, who he betrayed long ago. In a grand comic speech to a priest in a confessional, he struggles to recover his cool. The priest, Mr.Hammer, seems to be losing faith too. Marcia, who is Sister Rose’s niece, is a highly asthmatic lady who throws an antismoking stunt on the stage. Mr. Zaya on the other hand, brings to the play an enormous energy, heart and tension through his emotional role as a caretaker to a brother who is brain damaged. Played by Edwin, Mr. Zaya thunders lengthily at his brother Al roffie for failing to come back home. This turns out to be the most, frightening temper in the play as the evening turns out to be stormy. Al Roffie is terrific at his role as a saccharine.

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The quick paced and lewd dialogues between the characters emphasize the play’s humour. Writing such a play requires a unique connection between actors in order to have an influence on their performance. Unfortunately, the actors display several pauses, which in turn get into the way of the play’s flow. At certain points, the dialogues sound untrue. Despite these, there are moments when there is flow and connection, leaving the audience laughing. The play has a minimal overall design, which allows for quick changes in the scenes, hence keeping the play moving. The play’s language is a little harsh but the production is quite mundane. It contains surprise moments, which helps in fully engaging the audience. Such moments create a rewarding theatre experience to the audience.

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