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Technology can be defined as the exploitation and appliance of comprehension pertaining to crafts, methods of organization, techniques, tools, systems or a substantial end product of these things, such as video cameras or computers. It is a statement that is used jointly to represent or demonstrate various views, knowledge, undertakings, advancements, creations and aptitude of a discrete splinter group of natives. Photography as a genre of art falls under technology. This technique employs the utilization of technological devices such as video cameras (Cotton, 45).

The push to come up with graphic images may be marked out from the prehistoric periods. The caves paintings that were in existence and still survive till now are among the extremely initial surviving map outs of the pictorial intuitions of mankind. These tend to characterize the early development of a growth which relates to the human race. Human kind may once have survived in a circumstance of grace and harmony within the globe. Nonetheless, he almost immediately discerned himself as being dissimilar from other types of animals through the necessity to illustrate, to be on one occasion a central character and spectator within the manifestation of his own way of life. He intended to pursue this in various ways. Initially, he would employ daubing or incising in order to achieve his desires. However, as time progressed and he became well versed with optics and photochemistry, man created and displayed a large number of images.

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The employment of different genres of art by human beings has enabled them to explore the artistic features associated with the genres. Human beings have always had the desire to have their own images seen and admired. It is with this type of ideology that people have come to ignore the simplest idea of photography as part of art. It is a widespread conviction that photographic procedure is comparatively novel to the universe of art. Hardly ever do individuals become aware of the fact that since the fifteenth century onwards, artists have enlisted the help of optical devices to generate their pieces of work. During the new beginning, the yearning for pragmatism and a close representation of natural history as well as its beauty attracted the renaissance performers to utilize tools as well as tinctures and brushes. This included the 'camera obscure'. This device presented them with the capacity to mirror images that were far away onto flat planes. Nonetheless, this procedure employs significant and priceless elements that are vital to life. As compared to ancient times when artists used to draw images, photography uses modern technology to capture images. Based on the traditional beliefs and practice of art forms such as drawing, painting and sculpturing, some intellectuals propose that photography is not a serious type of art. This is because they consider various components such as impact, mastery and originality which are not considered as part of photography.

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In terms of mastery, photographers are artists who understand that they have the power to influence people’s emotions. This is achieved mainly through the images that they have captured using their cameras. People say that photography is not an art since the output it produces is mechanical and does not support the idea of art as being a work of a man (Briot 22). James Whistler stated that, “If the man who paints only the tree, or flower, or other surface he sees before him were an artist, the king of arts would be the photographer. It is for the artist to do something beyond this” Indeed, the mastery of the photographers in taking pictures of where human beings cannot personally reach is unimaginable. Taking pictures of thing that happen on the moon or in forest is a realization that photography just like any other painting is an art.

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Moreover, impact on the public one of the chief considerations in considering photography as an art. People may not always have good feelings in interpreting pictures; however ,scrutiny beyond the superficial recognition of the subject in order to see the image as a source of information and to bridge the gap of expression through images are significant. This is supported by Hector Rosales in his essay. “Artists can influence emotion upon the audience. The artist can set up the mood of his or her piece art piece and make the message stronger” Through photography, photographers express emotions such as success, happiness, sadness, failure and inspiration.

Some people argue that photography is not an art since it does not consider originality because photos only capture what is already in existence. This is superficial as it only presents a limited point of view in terms of the physical production of the pictures, for instance, taking a picture of a painting and then reproducing it. What people fail to realize is the fact that photography includes techniques in order to capture good pictures that define significant components as mentioned by John Berger in his “Ways of Seeing” who indicated that a photograph is an expressive object inclined to outdo his consideration to photography as a social development receptive to influential events and world-changing situations.

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Based on the features of art, there are three views with regard to photography that are usually discussed. In the realm of all forms of art, these discussions brought forward by painters, critics as well as photographers pertain to whether photography is of any essence to art as a whole or whether it is part of art itself. These views vary in their opinions. The first view to be put forward proposes that photography is not an art since it is generated by utilization of mechanical devices as well as physical and chemical trend and not inspired by nature or done by hand (Cotton, 23). The other view is that photographs may be valuable to art but should not be related, in terms of creativeness and originality, to drawing and painting. The last proposal put forward asserts that since photography is analogous to etching and lithography, it serves to benefit the other forms of art and also culture. With regard to the above proposals, it is revealed that photography has and is still playing a crucial role in the development of other forms of art. As much as it is controversial to regard it as art, its impact in the field of art is immense.

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Photography in terms mastery, impact and originality is an art in all its means and purposes together with its vitality in man’s life. Through photography evidence of developmental findings was conserved, the developments in technology were also compared and appreciated (Briot 22). When thoroughly assessed, photography in terms of useful presentation and mechanical developments as well as information allows intellectuals to see that an automated device like the camera could yield a conventional piece of art.

Photography has shown great effort through the centuries up to the current time to define itself as part of fine art. To a lot of individuals, photography has given the impression as simply a reproductive means. The means and the work involved were understandable, but the function of the photographer as an artist was not well understood. Many individuals had the assumption that the photographer was basically a technician who had the knowledge to operate the medium and, in so doing, created a photograph. All this has changed over time as a lot of individuals have come to comprehend what photography is all about.

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