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Global Village

The world has become a global village. People can know one another and transact business without having to meet face to face. Alwabel and Zairi (2005) noted that this has been made possible by the invention and advancement in the computer technology. The common saying it is a new world of e-everything very relevant. Talk of e-mail, e-commerce, e-learning, and e-government. It is a whole world of e-everything. This paper seeks to explain the key drivers for e-everything and the factors that have influenced their success and failure.

Drivers of E-Everything

They are varied drivers of e-everything world we live in. The factors range from social, political and economic reasons. The inventions and advancement in computer technology has aided the e-everything interactions (Alwabel and Zairi, 2005). The social drivers that led to the e-everything world was the desire to interact and learn more about other people. Economically, market participants wanted to obtain new markets for their goods hence making more profit. This was fueled by globalization which created stiff competition in the international market. Politically, the development of international politics was a result of improvement in world politics.

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E-Learning Success and Failures

E-learning can be defined as collaborative or individual learning interacting with distant knowledge source using flexi-time or real time mode. This distant information can be acquired using different means such surfing the internet, accessing web sites, using audio and visual tapes. E-learning was developed out of a desire to obtain knowledge from distant places and centers of learning without having to travel. Distant learning was also developed to suit the need of those p working in different areas far from the centers of learning. The mode was also tailor-made to help those who may have a desire to study but have very limited time (Alwabel and Zairi, 2005). There are several factors that influence the success and failure of e-learning.

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However e-learning has failed in some aspects in its implementations. First this mode overemphasized the electronic part of the e-learning rather than the learning itself. Most of the e-learning courses are poorly designed compared to the regular modes. The courses are characterized by little or no real life application. Instead the course contains lots of chunks of theories. Moreover sometimes students also find it difficult to download the uploaded data. The instructors also respond slowly to the needs of their students who need their direction and motivation.  In 2004, Romiszowski established that e-learning lack a clear motivating rewarding structure leading to few personnel to deal with the large number of e-learners.

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E-Business Success and Failures

There has been a paradigm shift from the old business to the e-business in the recent times.  Globalization led to increase in competition in the international markets. Many firms and international companies looked for way and means of penetrating the new markets. Many companies made use of the computer in advertising through creating their websites from where customers would get information about their goods and services. Furthermore customers would place their orders of goods and services and they would be delivered at their door steps. Many companies such as, eBay, made huge profits from such operations.

Nevertheless these companies have failed during this current period. This is because of failure to adapt to the needs of the current world. They stick to the old business models and informational technologies. The world trends show that 30% of current business returns will depend on BPR and information technologies. On the other hand, Alwabel and Zairi (2005) concluded that a greater percentage of 70% will depend on innovation strategies of companies’ e-business model.

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To be able to withstand the current trend companies have to be innovative. This can be well achieved by informal and semi-formal social networks through social networks such as face book, chat rooms. Through such social networks ideas about customer demand can be obtained and innovative measures taken to improve our current goods and services.

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