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Super Foods

Super foods refer to a natural category of foods found in nature. Such nutriment packs a lot of punch for it’s credence because it is low on calories and high in nutrients. Super foods are a source of nutrients needed for healthy living and anti oxidants that prevent cells from damage by free radicals and also prevent the  of formation of gums that usually interferes with internal incineration processes in the body (Wolfe 200).

The foods beneficial to the health of an individual (super foods) include:

Baked beans

They are rich in proteins, iron, calcium, fiber, and carbohydrate that contain low GI variety. These beans contain a powerful anti oxidant that prevents prostate cancer and heart disease. The insoluble fiber, that baked beans contains, helps in nourishing and protecting the colon from invaders that might cause cancer.

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Salmon is an oily species of fish that contains proteins, minerals and vitamins. It is a super food because it contains fats that reduce inflammation and blood clotting. Consumption of salmon ensures healthy living because the fats reduce depression and downgrade the risk of heart attack.

Brazil nuts

The nuts are considered to be super foods because they are full of vitamins, fiber and minerals that help in satisfying food cravings and reducing the possibility of suffering from heart diseases. It contains selenium, a mineral that is crucial anti oxidant enzymes that are essential for sound health.


They contain calories that are a source of high levels of energy.  Since it is from the banana plant, it contains plant chemicals that are crucial in preventing cancer and heart disease. This makes the consumption of bananas a process leading to healthy growth and development of an individual. In addition, it contains potassium and vitamin B6 that are essential in lowering blood pressure and growth of healthy skin respectively.

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It is an easily absorbed substitute of milk, which makes it beneficial in curing bacterial infections in the large intestine. It contains friendly bacteria that fight harmful bacteria in the large intestines. This reduces health complications like diarrhea.


Tea contains caffeine that stimulates motivation, mood and alertness (Brent and Agin 120). Its fluidly nature helps in eliminating any possibility of dehydration. In addition, it contains antioxidants known as catechins that ensure healthy living by protecting the walls of the artery against damage and prevent sticky blood clots from forming.

Wholegrain seeded bread

It contains low glycemic index; therefore, making it suitable for controlling weight and reduction of hunger pangs. Such bread is full of fiber, which is necessary for efficient operation of the gut.

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Broccoli contains antioxidants and foliates. The increased intake of the components eliminates any chances of heart disease. It also delays successful growth of age related muscular degeneration that often leads to impairment of vision.


They contain vitamin C that is useful in ensuring healthy growth and development of the skin and gums. It contains a soluble fiber that lowers the blood cholesterol levels and this keeps the digestive system healthy.

Olive oil

The mono saturation of the olive oil fats ensures the proper functioning of the heart. The protective aspect of anti oxidants promotes healthy living.

In conclusion, the above foods are considered to be super foods because they are natural, and they contain classes of foods, for example, anti-oxidants, minerals, calcium and vitamins that promote healthy living.

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