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Great Japan Beer Festival

The Great Japan Bear Festival is an international beer tasting event held in Japan. The festival was initially conducted annually in June or late May in the Yebisu Garden Palace in Tokyo Japan. Nowadays, the festival is held tri- annually in Yokohama, Osaka and Ebisu (Events in Japan 2011). The festival was founded in the year 1994 by an organization called Japan Craft Beer Association in collaboration with NPO Bear Taster Association. It was founded to celebrate the wonderful art of the craft beer in Japan and to help preserve the culture of craft beer.

The Great Japan Bear Festival is abbreviated as GJBF, attracts thousands of fans from all over the world annually. This international festival exhibits between 150 to 250 craft beers, which tasters sample using 50cc portions. Exhibitors and craft beer lovers from all over the world attend the festivals (Events in Japan 2011).

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The Japanese Craft Beer Association main objective is to promote and develop the admiration of modern generation craft beers from Japan and the rest of the world. The association was founded in 1994 as a non-profit making organization after the Japanese small and medium brewers were allowed back into the market. After re-joining the market, these micro brewers participated in other international craft beer festivals where they ranked high and were awarded incredible honors in the international scene.

The beer drinking public in Japan has been receiving educational seminars about appreciation and evaluation of craft beers, the history, the culture and technology of the craft beer industry (Barnett 2006). The seminars are organized by the Japan Craft beer Association in partnership with the Beer Taster organization. Participants of Beer tasting seminars graduate after successful completion and receive accolades like beer taster license, and continued attendance to these seminars lead to the award of a beer judge, an award that qualifies them to adjudicate at the Japan Asia Beer Cup and other international craft beer competitions.

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The Great Japan Beer Festival was founded to preserve the culture of craft beers in Japan and from other cultures of the world (Barnett 2006). The festival invites all beer lovers and craft brewers from across the world to promote perpetuation of craft beer culture in the modern world.

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