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Censorship of Video Games is Illegal

What is censorship? Censorship is a successful or unsuccessful drive by a group of people to impose their values on another group of persons by either seeking to limit or stopping them from accessing one or several articles. However, video games have some negative effects; on the other hand, these games have several useful impacts. First generation video game dramatists’ personae have now become grownups and are carrying their enthusiasm for adulthood life. Parents as well as teachers are anxious about games having pessimistic effects on their young ones and a veritable pact has been documented about games resulting to violent behavior coupled with addiction, (Green & Carolides, 2005). However, not all practices associated with gaming are negative; researches conducted by professional researchers have shown that video as well as computer games have many benefits. Games help kids who are in poor health conditions or those with injuries to feel some how well. Absorption in video games distracts their mind from pain as well as discomfort. Most medical institutions do encourage kids and adults experiencing painful treatments to play games most of their times. This can help them to recover a beat faster.

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Griffith's, a professor at Nottingham University noted down that, “Playing games can help kids with attention discrepancy disorders’’ (Courtenay & Griffiths, 2009). Research shows that the kids could gain social proficiency. Almost all medical departments do put into use computer games to be a form of physiotherapy. Video games playing do help most individuals who are recovering from physical injuries. These games help in gaining of motor skills as well as coordination too. Vide games together with computer games are well known to enhance hand eye co-ordination, in addition, they aid the players to gain several skills. Apart from teaching players to think on their feet, these games also encourage decision-making.

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In the field of education and creativity, games are acknowledged to augment creativity and inculcating a taste for graphics, design, plus technology. These three aspects are tremendously prominent in the creative world of Art and Design. Many games progress languages and Mathematics skills as the children have to go at a high speed along with the champions of the game. Cartridge and computer games aid children gain self-assurance and numerous games are based on history, city building, and governance among others. Such games circuitously teach kids about features of life on earth. Video games in addition teach players crisis-solving, motivation, as well as cognitive skills, (Dickey, 2005). Although the principle aim of video games is entertainment, skills development, as well as provision of conceptual training, they also have negative effects to the players.

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In short, most children can spend much of their time playing other than performing constructive work while in learning institutions. Playing video games can be addictive there undoubtedly are reinforcements to continual playing. People tend to have increase of heart beat raises and they can get a sagacity of euphoria. When a duty in a game is finished and the player advance a level, though, the sensory fortification designed to augment the game keeps to be coming back for more. With all the beneficial aspects, censorship of video game is illegal.

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