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Gun Control

Reviewing the articles on Gun control brings the memories of past scenarios. Images of protests against assassination of Martin Luther King and the gunshots within the city at the mid of a night are quite vivid. Gun control is one of the most controversial issues that have been in the public domain for at least the last two to three decades. Varying and contrasting views continue to be offered regarding this matter of public interest. Many writers too have not kept their hands off this mater and many continue to further complicate this issue due to their double sided suggestions. This essays reviews the two points of views regarding Gun control as suggested by two articles: The case against gang control and another ‘a case for gun control”

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Language Use

The first writer uses simple sentences in a narrative style to propose his ideas regarding his opposition to gun control. Artistic styles employed in this article include the use of symbolism and imagery to emphasize his ideas. The objection to gung use, for example has been compared to a slippery slope ( Bostford 16) .The writer effectively use this tool of art to emphasize his ideas and communicate his point of view to his audience. Symbolism in this case is more emphatic than simple language.   The writer uses irony to criticize these rights observing how they undermined other people’s right. The use of irony Cleary portrays anger in the writers tone causing the audience to identify with his views. The writer is clear in his mind providing evidence that gun ownership infringes on other people’s rights such as the right to life.

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Other stylistic devices used include fallacies and propaganda .Some of the information provided especially by the article opposing gun control is mare propaganda. An example is a case where the writer suggests that the government rather than gangs was behind promotion of crimes. Although this style helps the writer portray his point of view, the unreliability of his information invites criticism from the audience. Coercive language is also evident, in the first article for example, the writer uses phrases such as a must when referring to security enforcement.

Sources and Effectiveness of Evidence

Both writers allude to statistical data and also use statistical data to oppose other perceptions. The second article relies on research reports such as the Lott report by Professor John Lott. They also use propaganda and inaccurate information to advance their themes. Statistical data provide reliable information and effectively influences the audience. Propaganda on the other hand only yields short term effects but in the long ran invites criticism therefore failing to achieve its aim.

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The first article criticizes views proposing that gun ownership promoted crime and human disasters. The article instead suggests that crime control can be easily achieved by allowing citizens to own guns that would scare away gangs and improve security. The writers influencing factor could have been fear from insecurity within his community background. The second writer does not in any way subscribe to these thoughts. This second piece of art portrays an insecure society as one whose citizens are allowed to own guns and use them at their pleasure so long as they were registered. The second writer is loyal to the system of governance, explaining why he feels that only the government should be allowed to own and control weapons. The writers have also been influenced by scholars such as Professor John and writers such as Jeoffrey. According to his article almost all murder, suicide and crime cases were murder related emphasizing why, gangs needed to be abolished (Jeoffrey 200). Another factor influencing their perception is the information propagated by the media.           

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The topic of gun control will continue to dominate the media in as much as it remains controversial. Different writers portray their artistic styles in an effort to influence not only the citizens but also governments to identify with their views. These two pieces of art effectively portray the valid views and the sensitivity surrounding the issue of gun control. The two writers spare no efforts and uses information from both formal and informal sources all in an attempt to influence their leaders to subscribe to their school of thought.


Writers should desist from using propaganda and fallacies when pointing to sensitive issues. Although they are effective tools of art, such information invites criticism and may also lead to poor decisions.

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