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 The outcome of a nation dependends on the efforts applied by the key stakeholders as well as fate caused by lack of gain. This paper provides details concerning the development of the Brownville city in Texas. The port of Brownsville is the main contributor to the huge economical rise in Texas and, thus, in the United States of America. The industrial sector focus was majorly based on the future of trade and, specifically, the logistic around the port of Brownsville in Texas.

The main company highlighted in the port of Brownsville is the 905 Logistics Company, as well as the Brownsville Mineral Company. The 905 Logistics Company deals with the transportation of cargos to various parts of the United States. The most of the shipments are form Mexico and North America.

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On the other hand, the Brownsville Mineral Company stores materials imported for manufacturing in very large warehouses. However, the main competitor in the cargo transportation in the port of Brownsville is the Protrans International Incorporated. Additionally, the foxfire WMS Company is the major competitor among the warehousing and communication companies in Brownsville.  

The current situation regarding delivery of goods to clients is very efficient in various parts of the country. However, the rise of competitors in the market necessitated the application of a different method of operation and marketing.

Moreover, most shipments come from Mexico and North America and the market has been growing over a period of five years to cover most parts of United States of America. Furthermore, transportation and warehousing companies have in the recent past suffered due to the emergence of new trends. Trends like use of technology of online registration and booking of shipping of cargos.

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The companies in Brownsville also suffered major threats common to both the transportation and the warehousing companies is the increase of competitors. They included the emerging companies who offer their services at a lower cost. However, the company uses the available opportunities to attain their initial level of operations and overcome the pressure coming from their competitors.

The Current Situation

The main company in Brownsville that deals with receiving consignments from Mexico and other areas of the United States is the 905 Logistics Company. It is the largest company in Texas that is involved in logistics and delivery of shipments. The transportation companies offer services including shipping, cargo size and quantity management, as well as stevedoring.

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Main Companies/Competitors

The Protrans International Incorporated is the main competitor in the cargo transportation in the port of Brownsville. On the other hand, other companies dealing with transportation and warehousing are great players in the region bordering port Brownsville.

However, other company operating in the area is Protrans International Incorporated, which is Freight forwarding Corporation. It works in the provision of transportation to various destinations in United States. The additional competitive company in Texas is the Brownsville Mineral Warehouse company. The other company is the Foxfire warehousing management Software Company. The foxfire WMS helps provides software to develop communication in Texas.

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Main Products and Services

The 905 Logistics Company is large enough since it provides a wide range of services to its clients. They offer transportation, delivery of vessels and cargo as well as transloading and storage of trucks. The highest form of service offered by all these players is making transportation and storage of cargo at the port easier. The main player in warehousing is the Brownsville Mineral Warehousing that deals with huge packages and handling of diverse materials.

Market Size and Growth

The services offered by the 905 Logistics have been in operational since 1998.. The services offered by the 905 Logistics and other transportation and warehousing companies are spread throughout the United States. Most shipments are from Mexico and the market has been growing over a period of five years to cover most parts of America.

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Main Customer Segments

The companies’ transport and store cargo belonging to small and large clients. The smaller clients buy retail products from the warehouses and transport to their local markets. The larger clients buy products in trucks and consignment weighing tons. The age group, however, is not standard, but varies from whether the client is a small or large scale trader.

The transportation and warehousing companies find new trends like use of technology in online registration and booking for shipping of cargos as well as in e-advertisement. They also find various threats, including increase of competitors who sell similar products and services at lower prices. However, the two companies had to restructure themselves to match up the market standards and survive the competition.

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The transportation and warehousing companies have in the recent past been succumbed to the emergence of various trends. Some of the trends include use of technology in registration and booking for shipping of cargo. The other emergent trend is the use of e-advertisement and purchase of products so that transactions are done via internet. This is new discovery that the clients must not line up the company’s office for clearing and forwarding their cargo since all the payments and clearances are done online.

On the contrary, the companies were faced with threats in their business transactions. The major threat, common to both the transportation and the warehousing companies, is the increase of competitors. The next threat is that the emergent companies offer their services at a lower prices. As a result, most of their customers shift their focus. It is, therefore, important that the 905 Logistics company take appropriate measures as they adjust to attain their initial level of operation.

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New Opportunities

Nonetheless, the 905 Logistics Company identified new opportunities. This happened shortly after the new trend emerged and the competitor became the major threat that would steal their clients within a short period of time. They were able to open up other new stations nationally, thus expanding their market. The new customers compensated for the local customers whom they lost to competitors.

They additionally introduced international freights by air and ships. The international transportations included the shipment of cargo to landlocked countries and other small states. These new opportunities boosted the company and caused the fiscal income to increment at a high rate within a short period of time.

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The Brownsville Mineral Warehouse company was also able to identify opportunities. The small scale traders contacted the company and made frequent but short durations to store their cargo. The increase in the number of small scale customers meant more revenue . They also diversified their locations by opening more stations where they sold the products themselves from the warehouses in wholesale. Thus, by selling in small quantities, more people made large purchases. The diversification of products also attracted more customer segments.

The emergence of new markets led to the diversification of the level of activities done by the 905 Logistics Company. This was important because the revenues accrued were bigger when compared to the initial single level of operation. The technique of the increased locations is that the 905 logistics had advantage over their competitors. Moreover, to the competitors, it became an eye-opener although they didn’t have much capital to expand their locations. The 905 Logistics was therefore able to lead the market and record more turnover without necessarily reducing their prices.











The additional significant opportunity is the introduction of export services of fresh products from Brownsville to other parts of the United States. The Brownsville agricultural product started exporting the fresh consignments abroad and they needed efficient vessels to deliver their products safely. The 905 Logistics have very efficient chartering vessels and supervision.

The products were expected to be fresh before reaching their destinations, therefore their transportation had to be fast. The stevedoring department in the 905 Logistics took the tender opportunity. They transported the vegetables and fruits by air using the newly acquired proficiently cool storage equipment. Additionally, they had superb vessel supervision governed by managers. The availability of all these unique features became a splendid cause for the 905 Logistics Company to seize the opportunity over their competitors.

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On the other hand, the Brownsville Minerals Warehouse had well renowned professional workers. These people were well versed with the industrialization, logistics and warehousing functions. The company recently received new tender to store more materials shipped in the country for constructing cars. The company was advantageous because they had an extra piece of land in Texas that was unused and so they constructed extra warehouses. They as well utilized their professional workers to provide total customer satisfaction. They did this at very competitive rates and some of the relationships established with the northern American countries became beneficial.

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