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Into the Woods

Into the Woods is an article, through a combined effort of the book writer James Lapine together with the lyric's writer Stephen Sondheim that is in the form of a music play. This article is all together throughout the whole narration funny, touching, creative, sincere, spare and evocative music play that is obviously one of the most fascinating books of all times.

In the article, the narrator presents four characters with everyone having a wish of what they expect to get in one way or another. Jack is an ordinary young man whose wish is that his cow would readily give him milk; indeed after the curse is broken his wish is granted. Baker and his wife who wished to have children. However, they are greedy for possess of other things in the long run they are blessed with a son. Besides Cinderella whose wish is to attend the king’s festival finally leads to her marriage to the prince. Fiction marks the narration with Cinderella’s mom who is dead gives her a beautiful gown and shoes in the Cinderella at the grave.

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All through it is music about quests, the pursuit for happiness, lifting of spells, and the fulfillment of dreams. The woods should be ones can be feared and must be faced. However, in this article the massive quest exhibited must have seemed cursed with technical difficulties and illness. In this article, modern references are funny as it brings out an utterly hilarious, funny and comical scene as the narrator creates a light, airy, whimsical, fairly-tale-like ambiance. The article switches from a totally serious mode to a funny one without a skipping even a bit. Thus, making it one of the superb narration stories that keeps the reader focused to the story.

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