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1. Define the following terms

a). Ergonomics_ is the discipline that is related to refining the design of products to optimize them to fit human use.

b). Carpal tunnel syndrome _ this is a condition characterized by pain and numbing in the hand caused by compression of median nerve in the carpal tunnel.

c). Cubital tunnel syndrome_ is a condition brought by increased pressure on the ulnar nerve at the elbow.

d). Tendonitis_ is an inflammation of the tendons.

e). Pronation_ this is the natural rotation of the forearm and hand such that the palm is down.

f). Supination_ is the rotation of the forearm and hand such that the palm is up.

g). Rotation_ is the act of turning the head or arm.

h). Flexion_ is the act of bending or being bent thereby increasing or decreasing body angles.

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i). Extension_ is the process of straightening especially the body joints.

j). Abduction_ this is the movement of the limb away from the midline of the body.

k). Adduction_ (this is repeated): the movement of the limb away from the midline of the body.

2. Submit the following measurements using a computer workstation.

a). Height of seat_ 16 - 20.5 inches

b). Distance from eyes to monitor_ 20-26inches

c). Height of monitor_ from the floor to the table where the monitor is placed should be about 64-75 cm. The top ¼ of the screen should be equal with a straight head vision.

d). Angle of sight to monitor from seated position_ center of monitor should be at 15 degrees down from the eyes’ angle.

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e). Distance to keyboard_ an arm’s reach; about 28 inches

f). Length of user's arm from elbow to fingertips_ about 35 inches

g). Length of user's legs- knee to floor and hip to floor_ The knee to floor should be 25-30 inches while hip to floor should be 15-20 inches (Work safe BC).

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