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Initial Design Requirements for Cleveland Network

For the organization to be able to communicate with its subsidiaries, it is important that an apt network system is created with all the necessary equipments and administrative functionalities in place. This means that the network system has to be able to provide Address Allocation for Private Internets especially for the organization's customers. There are several options that are available that can be used in setting up the network. In this summary, there will be brief analysis on the available options and what might be best for the organization to purchase.

According to Frrozan (2007; Aflaki, 2008), it is noted that utilization of IPv4 address and IPv6 address is paramount in definition of host connections to the gateway or the routers. This system utilizes the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) to allocate addresses to users. IPv4 and IPv6 are able to address networks using the Classless and Classful Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) (Aflaki, 2008). A router is a traffic controller that mans the internet (Daviss, 2009). In addition to routers, there is need to have network address translation (NAT) protocol (Frrozan, 2008), which will help in management of the intricacies while setting up the private IP (internet protocol) addressees that aid in acquisition of one or more globally unique IP addresses (Aflaki, 2008).

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There is an option of having Open Shortest Path First Protocol (OSPF) on the system set up with minimum cost incurred (Broström & Holmberg, 2009, p. 293). Under this setup, every router can access the database for execution of every link (Broström & Holmberg, 2009, p. 293). This approach accords the router the authority to decide the way in which traffic is going to be sent around the network (Broström & Holmberg, 2009, p. 293). The router is also mandated to establish even distribution of bandwidth during the process under the Equal-Cost Multi-Path principle (ECMP) as noted in Broström & Holmberg (2009, p. 293).

However, a red flag is raised on this approach by Grant and Moseman (2011) where there is consideration of the recent Stuxnet computer worm that invaded electrical systems and increased the spins of the root systems almost out of control. This happens when the networks are allowed to make decisions on behalf of humans and thus become prone to attacks (Grant & Moseman, 2011).

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In the current world, networking and communication systems are becoming more sophisticated and cloud computing has become a necessity to most organizations. The best options in creation of network system is to create one that is connected to the cloud technology and thus eliminating the necessity of too much hardware. 'Linoma Software' (2009) provides the best solution with its 'Go Anywhere Services TM that offers services on secure data transfer (p. 39). The system provides an industrial standard protocol that is browser supported and can use FTP, FTPS, HTTPS, SFTP and HTTP ('Linoma Software', 2009, p. 39). The system can be configured and managed remotely ('Linoma Software', 2009, p. 39).

This system allows setting up accounts for clients, administrators and other users of the system with different permissions included ('Linoma Software', 2009, p. 39). With this system, download and upload functionalities are included without necessarily having to buy other client software ('Linoma Software', 2009, p. 39). The system can provide audit logs based on users, transfer type, IP Addresses, Time/ date range and severity level among others ('Linoma Software', 2009, p. 39).

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The system also provides inclusion of visualization that help in design of infinite scalability capability especially with the provision of cloud computing. In addition the prices are reasonably low starting from $ 2,995 ('Linoma Software', 2009, p. 39). This definitely offers the best option for the organization's network connectivity requirements.

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