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Emotional Intelligence

MSCEIT is an example of an ability method of determining EI (Angelogiannos, 2009). Reasons are of mainly used in this method. It aims at various aspects of problem solving of an individual. Tests are carried out to determine the ability of the individual to cope with them. It looks at the four sections of EI (Angelogiannos, 2009). In application, the test solely looks at the abilities of an individual in the four sections. It does not have a set of correct answers to judge the respondent on (Bates, 2009). The results obtained are compared to those of others in the society. Its application occurs mostly in situations where correlation between people in certain setting is required.

Mixed method

An example of this is the Bar-on EQ-I test. It is a self report type of EI test. It looks at the social well being of a person. It also considers emotions. These two aspects have resulted in its consideration as a mixed method (Bates, 2009). It has three major applications in EI testing. It is used to measure a person’s self-understanding. It also looks at how well a person understands and relates with others. It also takes a person’s ability to cope with his surroundings. This is usually the environment he is subjected to. In this method, EI is considered improvable (Angelogiannos, 2009). This occurs through training and development.

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The Bar-on EQ-I test is more applicable. This is in comparison with the MSCEIT (Bates, 2009). This is because it deals with the emotion rather than the cognition. Cognition is the basis of all the ability-based tests such as the MSCEIT. Cognition deals with the IQ whereas EI considers EQ (Bates, 2009). Research has shown that that EI gives a better understanding of individuals than IQ. IQ gives a less percentage of success on people tested on their performance as compared to EI (Angelogiannos, 2009). EI tests give higher percentage of success in performance of the individual as compared to IQ (Bates, 2009).

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