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Language and Identity

Individual values having a group or family in which to attach him. Identity plays a vital role in the life of individuals. Identity may refer to how one views himself, or how he thinks about himself. Identity may also refer how one is viewed by the world or the society that surrounds him. As a result, individual puts all the effort in their life to ensure that the society or the world views them positively. Identity plays a central role I determination of individual lifestyle, and the behavior. Language is paramount component that affects the individual identity.

The impact of language on an individual’s identity has attracted mixed reaction from scholars. Some agree that language plays central place in deciding, which group the individual should affiliate himself. For example, individual who are bilingual they have higher affinity to associate themselves with people that the share same language. For instance, those who were fluent Germany could easily identify themselves with Germans. On the other hand, a monolingual person has less choice of people to identity him or herself. As a result, they can not take the identity of an African if they do not know any African language. However, other scholars did not see the usefulness of language in explaining one’s identity. For example, an individual may be a Spaniard, yet he does not speak the language; this means one can identify himself as a Spaniard without being fluent in that language.

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Language plays a significant role in helping individual decide for his identity. When one is capable to express himself freely will have an added advantage in socializing with his peers. This will makes it possible to choose his reference group, and express his inner feeling in most efficient ways. As a result, language holds a central role in determining the identity of a person.

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