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Success in any business calls for stringent measures that focus on ability to market the organization and products of the company. In order to increase the market share, companies are required to put effort in their marketing strategy by embracing the technological change which is changing drastically. Since people are also changing with time, it is of paramount importance to change tact in order to remain relevant in the current market of stiff competition.

The successes of a website play an important role for the development and profit enhancement of the company. Since the evolution of information technology, many companies have gone global. This has been made possible due to simplicity of reaching masses with just a click of a button. There are thus many global companies operating in different countries without necessarily being there literally for example: Apple, Toyota, Coca-Cola and Microsoft, to mention but just a few. Companies have got different strategies for their website to market their product to the customers. One of such company with a quality website is Apple. This is a technological company with its branches spread in many parts of the world.

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Apple is very much focused in providing quality and credible services to its consumers. From a management perspective, quality service leads to high customer retention rate as well as making such clients to develop confidence with good companies. It is for this reason that Apple Company has developed high quality website to win confidence of its clients. A high quality website will attract many viewers because Apple knows that a high quality content website will attract more viewers, creating a favorable environment to do E-marketing. Apple Company has easy to navigate website with simplified information that can be easily accessed by its viewers. This makes it client friendly, making clients spend less time to get what they are looking for. High quality and useful information can also improve the ranking of the website (Apple, 2011).

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The Apple’s website is also straightforward and self-explanatory. Because the website’s viewer tends to scan and skim the content, the website’s purpose should be providing indispensable and useful information for customer. In Apple’s website, they have all information the customer want to know about the product. Minimal user requirement, as a global company like apple, they provide many service and tool for supporting customer. Apple lets the viewer use the service or tool without requirement to fill any online form.

Microsoft Corporation is a giant company that deals with software and has gained milestones with its Microsoft word. To make website more maneuverable, the website has relevant information and easy to navigate. The information found in the website is relevant and up-to-date which makes it customer friendly and ideal for the 21st generation. Good information should be current and customer focused. This makes it ideal for wide range of people across diverse culture which people can find it ideal across the globe. This website is easy to search and they provide clients with support services that make them make inquiries on issues they may be having (Microsoft, 2011).

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Effective marketing entails reading short and concise phrases rather than excessive, technologic language or hard to understand. Therefore, Apple and Microsoft website’s promotional writing is objective, have adequate information and have simple language. By the increasing rapidly of number people using the Internet, it is a good chance for every business to develop and introduce the brand name around the world. Each of business should maintain and improve their website in an effective way (Barber, 2001).

If a website does not focus on the organization such as unnecessary information, picture, video, music and so on, viewers are likely not to visit the site again. Instead, the companies should focus in a coherent and consistent website organization that aims a user-friendly relationship with viewer.

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In a nutshell, a successful website should not enlarge the viewer’s attention to a few aspects for example a company’s background or the business transaction. This can distract the user from accessing important company information. All key aspects should be used in an effective and organized way.

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