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Musical Comedy  ‘Annie Get Your Gun’

‘Annie Get Your Gun’ is a musical comedy of created in America in 1950. It is heavily revolves around the life of a sharpshooter, Annie Oakley. The screenplay is done by Sidney Sheldon and directed by George Sidney. The play is about career, fame, love and romance. Annie rises to prominence as she deals with a professional rival and at the same time a lover, Frank Butler. It is basically a fictionalized play about Annie’s show business and profession as well as her romance with his professional rival, Frank. The play follows Annie from the first time she meets Frank to the moment she becomes a star in the Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. Annie encounters a lot of challenges in her romance life with Frank. However, love wins in the end.

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Annie and Frank meet in the most unexpected circumstances. She shows up in a display of the town’s marksman meant to contest against the star of the show, Frank Butler. The hotel owner realizes that Annie is indeed a sharpshooter. Consequently, she becomes another contestant against Frank. In the process, it turns out to be love at first sight for Annie towards Frank. All the same, it is certainly not the case for Frank. Frank loses to Annie in the competition and he is not happy with her. However, Buffalo Bill is interested in Annie and he later hires her for his show. As the show moves on, Annie polishes her talent. She ends up being an attractive looking contestant and Frank reconsiders his earlier perception about her. He finally falls in love with her.

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Frank’s ego however cannot take the competition any more after Annie outshines him and their romance ends. Frank takes off to join a different show while Buffalo Bill takes the show with the star, Annie to Europe. When Buffalo Bill realizes that they are losing money, they return to America. Annie is depressed without Frank and they end up reuniting towards the end. The play is classified in musicals genre. The type of the style of music in the play is Broadway show tunes.

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