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Feelings of Happiness

All over the world, all creatures yearn for happiness as they are frightened by the repercussions associated with grief and pain. This has prompted the creatures, including mankind, to go to extra length to attain this feeling. Nonetheless, the definition of happiness still remains a mystery as it is based on an individual’s opinion. This has led to the question, “What is the real meaning of happiness?” The aspiration to attain happiness looses meaning in cases where the actual nature and definition of happiness is not comprehended. Normally, ordinary beings regard sensual gratifications as happiness and their aspirations are further channeled towards these gratifications. According to these individuals, the hunt for happiness relates to the exploration of pleasures that trigger the senses (Feldman 45). They are not bothered by the question, “what is the real meaning of happiness” since in their hearts; a happy life involves the joy brought about by the exploration of sensory pleasures.

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It is on this foundation that whenever a person contemplates about happiness as well as his or her well-being, it should be well thought-out to include the desire to lead a life of hard work, attachments and the urge to develop industries in order to ensure steady flow of food. A nation would be economically stable under theses circumstances and eventually, happiness would be attained. Ethical morals are discussed and with time, it will reach a moment when every person would have access to nutritious food, modernized shelters and proper clothing to cater for the various seasons. All these encompass the basic requirements for a better living. As a result of the availability of these basic human needs, happiness will prevail.

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Happiness is regarded as an emotion just like excitement, hate, jealousy, love, fear, anger and contentment. All these emotions have roots, which can be comprehended and checked. The sensation of happiness is not simply brought about by the overcoming of a person’s obstacles that interfere with their happiness. Furthermore, happiness is not defined with the kind of life in which an individual amasses moments of satisfaction. Contrary to these, happiness is characterized by a long lasting durable pleasure of life. This means that, a person is in love with living. It is taken as a reward for attaining personal coherent values and a good personality in life. Some of the essential and productive values to be considered include: career, hobbies, romance and friendship (Lenfestey 56). To accomplish this, one requires skills, effort and rationality. The principal skills employed for the achievement of these values are; valuing and thinking skills. Once a person comprehends how to develop personal confidence and discover the virtues related to it, then, he or she can go ahead to achieve the ultimate goal, which is happiness. This happiness is as a result of a legitimate self-esteem and earned self-importance.

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Moreover, happiness can be achieved through interdependence. Similar to the manner in which an individual learns to handle afflictive ideas, one can become skilled at cultivating and enhancing independence. The fulfillment of love and kindness defines the most favorable way of living. In this situation, a win-win atmosphere is cultivated as a person fulfills his or her lasting well-being as well as treats others in a humane way. In the long run, this person is perceived as being good. If this selfless love is founded on the perception of interdependence of all people and of their innate desire to attain happiness, then it becomes a root of valid happiness (Lenfestey 34). Acts of disinterested generosity and pure overflowing love such as helping a person in need or making a child happy, even if the favor will not be returned, generates a profound and gratifying fulfillment.

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Human character normally comes in clusters. Inner peace, true happiness, altruism, freedom and strength prosper together. Similarly, animosity, fear and selfishness grow in concert. Therefore, while helping others may not, in most cases, be amusing, it results to the mind developing a sense of courage, inner peace, and achievement of harmony with regard to the interdependence of beings as well as other things (Feldman 162). Afflictive psychological condition, on the other hand, commences with self-regard that lead to the enlargement of the space between self and others. These conditions are connected to excessive self-cherishing and pride linked with resentment or apprehension towards other people and covetous for superficial things as part of a fruitless pursuit of self-interested happiness.

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The pursuit of egocentric happiness results to a lose-lose situation: a person makes himself miserable as well as depresses other people. Personal conflicts are usually related with excessive meditation on past events and expectations of the future. In this state, an individual is engrossed in thoughts that nourish his or her ego concerning the future rather than paying attention to the immediate situation (Lenfestey 24). True happiness is achieved when one develops a clear and positive state of mind, which is filled with kindness.

Whenever a person experiences ‘magical moments’ such as walking under the stars or spending time with a loved-one, their troubles of inner conflicts are left behind. They tend to be harmonious with others as well as themselves. This good feeling is brought about by the pacification of the internal troubles, an improved sense of interdependence with the surrounding and a reprieve from the mental contaminants of obsession and violent behavior. All these traits can be developed through inner autonomy and good judgment (Feldman 67). The end-result is a lasting state of comfort that may genuinely be referred to as happiness. In this condition, feelings of uncertainty slowly give way to profound self-belief that enables one to handle life’s ups and downs. This deep sense of confidence strengthens a person and guarantees happiness in life as it leads to inner peace.

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Thus, the meaning of real happiness is brought out through experience, not of demonstration or speech but of inner peace. It can be attained only by being introvert; being in unison with our soul. This is so given that the soul is filled with happiness hence the understanding of happiness. Just as an individual cannot conquer the soul without the required knowledge, in the same way one cannot find genuine happiness without the understanding of the soul.

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