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Lusher Charter School

Lusher Charter School is located in Louisiana, New Orleans and became chartered by representatives of Education Based Arts, which oversees the actions of the school board. The school main website is,

Brief description of the Mission Statement or purpose

The School’s mission statement is to provide a suitable learning environment in order to provide high quality education and strife to enable students to be valuable community members. The schools main purpose is to educate students through use of integrative and exploratory curriculum as well as the utilization of multiple; research based teaching techniques which adapt to diversity among students.

How the school is organized

Lusher Charter School is organized into 3 main administration units i.e. The High school Level, Middle School Level and Elementary Level. The three levels report to the school board which plays a critical role in sustaining the financial base of the school. Other roles done by the board include: supervisory functions, promoting the mission of the school and assisting in fund raising.

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The philosophy of education in Lusher Charter school

I believe that Lusher School’s philosophy of education is mainly founded on four pillars i.e. respecting people, showing kindness, giving your best in all activities, and being responsible for all actions done. The school has clearly demonstrated its determination in achieving this core values through its Project Pride which seeks to inculcate this four principals in all students.

Description of Students

Students at the school are involved in various activities such as different sports and clubs which cover a wide range of interests. Many students are also involved in the student government activities as well as the revising and ratifying the student constitution.

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Student Rights and Responsibilities in Regard to Searches and Drug Testing

The student constitution is vital in giving students certain rights and freedoms, for example the 1995 court case controversy referred to as Vernon School Versus Acton affected many schools and Lusher was no exception.

 Random medical testing of students to find out if they take drugs was seen as a violation of the 4th amendment until the Supreme Court affirmed that it did not infringe on the prohibition to irrational seizures and searches. In accordance to this ruling all students in Lusher Charted School who engage in extra curricular activities are obliged to undergo random drug testing.

U.S. Supreme Court case affecting student’s rights

The searching of lockers and personal belongings of students led to the New Jersey versus TLO court case and the ruling also applied to Lusher School just as it did to thousands of schools all over the country. The court upheld two main roles of school administration. First it recognized that schools ought to take part in local parentis. Secondly it upheld that schools are part of the state thus the two roles conflicted.

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To eliminate the conflict, the court ruled that the same rights given to adults cannot be given to students in school environment therefore searches done by schools are legal as long as they are conducted under reasonable circumstances and must be linked to the allegation made by the school: the search must not be extremely intrusive.

Although lockers are school property and schools have the right to carry out random searches in student lockers, this has led to declining rights of privacy to athletes as well as students in general. In Lusher Charted School many debates have been held with regard to the legitimacy of searches conducted by schools before they enter school territory as well. Some schools may claim to have the authority to prevent weapons or drugs from getting into school territory. The extent of such powers is subject to discussions until the courts take the matter into consideration.

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