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Understanding Security Risk in Department of Homeland

Keeping America Safe

Keeping America safe is one of the most critical tasks that the Federal government undertakes to ensure that both the lives and property of the Americans are safe and free from any potential threats. The Department of Homeland security is tasked with this role in seeing that the country is in a position to avert and respond to threat that are imminent such as chemical threats, cyber security and the attacks coming from the borders. To achieve this demanding task, the Department of Homeland Security employees many workers who are experienced and qualified to work in various fields and at the same time undertake different projects aimed at meeting its mandate.

The Border and Maritime Security is one of such project that is currently undertaken by the security division of Department of Homeland Security. The aim of this project is formulate and transitions instruments and technologies in order to ameliorate the security system of America's waterways and borders without obstructing the flow of travelers and commerce. Department of Homeland Security has increased the scope its operations especially after the September 11 attacks. Before these attacks, the US soil was free from attacks (Haulley, 2006).

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Definition of terms

Hilhorst, Frerks and Bankoff (2004) believe that vulnerability refers to the lack of capacity to defend oneself and to endure any oncoming catastrophe. Vulnerability level of the US is thus paramount in the light of increasing threats. As a result, the Border and Maritime Security aims at decreasing the vulnerability of US from external attacks as those witnessed in September 11. In order to lower the vulnerability level, the department of homelands strives to understand the causes and pattern of occurrences of various threats on the American soil.

Gerler (2004) confirms that a threat is an expression of an intention to hurt someone. Threats may be sent to victims directly or in some cases via third party and can be equated to aggression. The Border and Maritime Security safeguards the US from terrestrial and maritime border threats such as the entry of contraband goods, entry of weapons and intrusion of the American coastal waters. These threats pose imminent danger to the Americans and demands for its curb.

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While criticality entails the proportional significance of assets should an event take place, Critically assessment identifies and assesses the relative importance of assets based on a number of criterions such as importance of function, significance of system in terms of national security or the degree to which the citizenry are at risk (Government Accountability Office et al, 2005). This assessment is used by the Department of the Homeland Security in making decision in regard to its risk management process.

Importance of Borders and Maritime and its priority

The Borders and Maritime Project is one of the most important projects that seeks to ensure that America is protected from external threats that may cause devastating effects on the lives of American and their assets. Borders and Maritime Security curb any harm that could arise from missile attacks through the monitoring of the coastal waters. Additionally, entry of dangerous drugs classified as contrabands that could harm American are blocked in the US borders by the Borders and Maritime Security. From the efforts of the Coast Guards, the US sea passages are monitored to ensure that they are secure and conducive for the benefit of American citizenry. The efforts of the Borders and Maritime Security can therefore be regarded as a central factor in the enhancement of internal security of the United States.

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It is my belief that Borders and Maritime Security operations are a priority in the maintenance of security in the United States through the monitoring and surveillance of the borders and the coastal waters surrounding the United States. Its security operations are therefore crucial in creating desirable and secure environment needful for the growth of the economy of the United States as well as the wellbeing of its citizenry. Having stability in the United States is of great benefit to the rest of the world as the united states government is committed in the advocacy of democracy, enhancement of world peace and assistance of those in need. For instance, the United States has assisted countries that face tragedies with Pakistan being the latest after it suffered immense floods that created a humanitarian crisis.

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Additionally, I believe that Border and Maritime Security ranks high on my scale in Homeland Security because border security since its mandate is critical for the wellbeing and advancement of the United States. Without the borders and maritime security, many occurrences around the borders of the United States may have disastrous effect to the internal stability of the United States. For instance, escalation of violence at the border of United States and Mexico has made it difficult for American tourist to travel to Mexico. It is therefore an advantage that the Border and Maritime Security are monitoring and providing early warning signs of violence (Fox News, 2010).

Currently, the department of Homeland security is carrying out a risk assessment at the border of the United States and Mexico after escalation of violence from drug smugglers who attempt to cross the border with contrabands. This assessment will help inform the federal government on issues such as movement of American across the border which is necessary for the safety of the American citizenry. This risk falls under the Border and Maritime as it entails issues regarding the border of the US and Mexico, a critical area of concern for the DHS.

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