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The packaging that I liked in the nearby stores is the packaging used for Klein Constantia Farm honey. The packaging is highlycreativesince it shows theorganicnature of the honey by showing many bees on the inside of the packaging containers. All the containers of the honey, including thejarand theboxmade for holding thejar,are beautifully madewith pictures of life-like bees. This makes the product be a sight tolookat by ensuring that it is attractive to the eyes of the customers. The packaging also communicates theauthenticityand natural attributes of the honey for consumers that aresensitiveabout the organic andnatural commodities.

The white box used for packaging the honey resembles a beehive. Theboxalso has embossed ridges to resemble nails and planks of wood. The attractive features of theboxare also improvedby the presence of the Constantia gold foiledcrestthat has abeeon its way to the top of the box. The honeyjaritselfis coveredin a honeycomb pattern thatis meantto make the honeyappealingto the consumers.With the presence of smalldie cutbees inside the box, it communicates to the purchaser about thepurityand organic nature of the honey. The box is also adequatelystrongto ensure that it does not expose the honey to contamination or any otherformof spoilage. The containment functionis also fulfilledin the packaging by ensuring that thejaris coveredwell using the honeycomb printed cover. Form utility of theproductis enhancedby ensuring that the honeyis processedand stored in the best conditions. This prevents the spoilage and ensures that the customers can use it for the required function. The packaging of honey in an airtight jar also ensures that itis well-protected,thus ensuring itsqualityduring consumption.

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One of the best examples of poor packaging is the packaging of prunes and other fruits, such as bananas. Although the packing of these fruits makes ithygienicandappealing, the packaging does notmake any sense because it is too much. The fact that the bananasare wrappedin singles is also not appropriate. It also begs the question as to the reason why they opted for such packaging for afruitthat already has its own naturalpackaging. The packaging for both the prunes and the bananas is also difficult to open.Making the packagingdifficultto open and using packaging material that is non-biodegradable also questions thesignificanceof the sustainability to the marketers.This packaging is wasteful and fails to meet the needs and requirements of the market by providingadequateinformation concerning theproducton the package.

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The packaging also offersprotectionfor the products but fails toofferconvenience to the consumers. The utility provided byproductand itspackagein terms of quality, safety, and containment isadequate. However, the product fails in itsprovisionofcommunicationin the packaging since the information provided in the package isscantyandincomplete. However, the biggest failure in this packaging is the inability tooffereconomies of scale through the packaging ofa singlebanana, which results in high cost of production and sales as well as the lack of sustainability in terms of the environmental degradation and wastage. Another problem with this packaging is the poor design of the package. The packaging is notattractiveto thecustomers, which makes it difficultfor them toperceivethe value for money in the purchase. The package is alsohardtoopenbecause of the glue used, which results in a loss of the utility oftimefor the consumers who maygetimpatientdueto thedifficultyof opening the packages quickly.

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