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Management by definition is theactof doing things through people. A presentation is a potentiallyfastand effective way to do things through others. In other words, it is getting things done through other people. When it comes tomanagement, a presentation is aformalway of bringing people together in order toplan, review andmonitoryour progress. In order togivea convincing and a clear presentation, one requires to posses' (Rotondo, 2001) Presentation is a structured, speech-based andpreparedmeans of communicating information, arguments or ideas to a person or agroupof people. The main aim is topersuadethem to either buy or indulge in any business activity. A presentation ismostlygiven to the audience by a presenter. A compelling presentation requires asubstantialpresenter. In order to be an excellent presenter, one must ensure that your audience hears whatyouwant to say. Theaudiencemust alsounderstandwhat one means during the presentation. In addition, the audience must agree with what one is delivering. Finally, the audience must take action in accordance with the overall objectives. It is one thing togivea formal presentation and, anotherthingfor yourpresentationto be understood and taken in the best way possible (Müller, 2010).

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Decision making is a key managerial process. Decision making can be defined as a process, usually mental, responsible for selecting a desired plan of action among several alternatives. The mainaimfor decision making is coming up with a sustainable plan of action. Decision making process involvesstepwhich anindividualor agroupof peoplerequiretofollow.The main aim is to come up with a solution which is sustainable and ideal for thebusinessthey are dealing with.Almost all decisions have their share of conflicts and dissatisfactions which need addressing. The mostpracticaldecision making process involves the following steps. First, one needs toidentifywhat exactly needs to be solved and why it needs to be solved. After identifying the problem, one needs togatherinformation on what factors the problem involves. After clear identification of the problem, one requirement is to list down a list of possible choices and evaluate on the advantages and disadvantages of making such choices.After that,putthe bestchoiceinto practice andfinally, evaluate the outcome of the choice.

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The nextprimemanagerial skill involves acting assertively. Acting assertively involves making astrongandfirmdecisionand following it strictly. An exemplaryleadermust possess the ability toactin a manner that shows boldness andstrictprinciples. By strict, wemeanthat one needs tostickto the policies and ensure that a decision made isfirmand does notattractindecisiveness. Assertive acting is avitaltool in the success of the business. This is because it involves formulation of policies and following these polices. One significant advantage of acting assertively is that, it ensures that one follows the alreadysetpolicies and procedures in the best way possible. It reduces uncertainty as one is well aware of what needs to be done and in what way. It ensures that people are in line with the set goals and standards of the organization. Acting assertively ensures that no stones are unturned. It creates a reasonablebasisthrough which anindividualor agroupof people work. For one to ensure that he acts assertively, their goals set or, the decisions made should be honest andeasy. Simple in such a way that, it does not,straintheindividualor theorganizationinvolved in that decision. Easy, in such a way that, implementing it does not consume a lot of resources both in theshot-runand the long- run. Employing theskilland putting it up in the best way possible, assures one of better results.

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Team building and being a team player is another key managerial process involving leadership skills. Team building involves putting together astrongwork- force, coordinating their activities.For a team to bewellbuilt there must be aleaderwho is responsible for making these skills effective. For one to be a strong team leader, the following things must be put into practice. Firstly, one must identify and put into practice new ways of handling people topromotecoordination. In addition, an excellent teambuildershould come up with mechanisms in which performances of the teamwill be appraisedin order to reward those who have excelled. One must also practice and makeperfectthe listening skills. Listening to what people say is crucial in decision making. Finally, one must learn totakeconstantlytakefeedback from the team mates without being angry or defensive.

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Finally, the nextcrucialissue is effective management of time. Time is a scarce resource which when properly utilized, leads to success in people's doings. Time management involves changing how one spend your time. Effective time management helps peopleseewhere changes need to be made and makes them effectively. First step toeffective timemanagement is first analyzing how one needs to spend his time.Alsogiveacleardescriptionof what needs to be done within the given time frame. The mostcrucialaspect of time management is to ensure the set goals and objectives will be completed within the time allocated. This reduces uncertainty and preventslast- minuterush.

GAP analysis is a technique used in determining the steps totakein order to move from a current state to a desired futurestate. The desired futurestateis often a better and more definedstatethan the previous state. GAP analysis can also be used as a form of performance appraisal. This is because it compareswhat needs to be done in the futureand whathas already been donepresently. Ioperatea small businessdealingin shoes. Webuyshoes frombigcompanies and sell them to customers. Thisbusinesshad been operating at alossand most of the time we did not meet targets on time. I did not have anymodernmanagement techniques and I kept blaming my employees for the losses and failure in business. My business was in the verge of closing down. I sought for advice and consulted afirmwhich carries out training to business owners on being better managers in their business.Luckily, I was able to enroll with that firm and I got valuabletrainingwhich has since then improved my managerial techniques.Instead of setting targets and giving orders on what needs to be achieved, I took time to analyze mybusinesswith anaimof finding out what needs to be doneand how we intend to do it within a given time frame.

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Firstly, I decided togivea clearpresentationof objectives of the business. Mypresentationwassimplein such a way that everyone had an understanding of what needed to be done. This wasclearenough and well accepted by my employees who agreed on the presentation. In addition, I decided toactassertively on every settargetand make sure that anything which needs to be done well and on time. I decided toofferzero tolerance against doing anything topreventus from achieving the needed target within the given time frame.

It was alsonecessarytomakemy employees feel that they own thebusiness. I made them believe that failure of the business wouldmeanfailure to everyone involved in the business. This could have been impossible if I had not effectively applied the team building techniques and be a strong team leader. Finally, I explained to my employees that time was the mostessentialresourceto us. I also explained that all targets must be met within the given time frame. To ensure that this waswelladhered to, I introduced bonuses and penalties in my business. I gave rewards to any employee who completed his work on time andstrictpenalties to those who did not meet their targets.

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It isextremelyrelevant to note that, it is not always about having substantial managerial skills, but implementing these skills iscrucial. Firstly, to improve on one's presentation skills, one should remember that, presentation skills are asindispensableas the information one intends topresent. The first and supremely significant way to improve yourpresentationskill involves researching on your audience. It isnoteworthythat informationyouare intending togiveto theaudienceis receivedwith at most understanding. Knowing the needs of your audience helpsyoutogivea presentation which targets their interests making the information moreappealingand easy to understand.Secondly, it iscrucialthat one'spresentationbe well structured, straight and to the point.The opening of the presentation should besincereand captivating to the audience. It should be one that captures their attention and draws them to the point of discussion. In order to be creative in the presentation, one can introduce the topic inform of a story, question or anamusingstatement. The body of the presentation should be onpoint. It should focus on the most salient aspects of the presentation. One must be prepared to give both sides of the issues. These are both the negative andpositivepoints in the discussion. Finally, the closing of one'spresentationshould be one that gives something that willstickin the minds of the audience. One canincludetheintroductionorendwith a slogan which willstickin the minds of the audience.

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Thesecondskill which one needs, to improve on is effective decision makingskill.When one wants to make a decision, one needs to put some considerations. When one wants to make a decision, one canconsidertwo things. Firstly, one can spend time to consider what the effects of taking a different decision would have been or, one can spend time and resources to try and make a decision as effective as possible. The most critical issue about decision making is doing the right thing. Many people want to make decisions based on the simplicity of the decision to be made. In many cases, most people know the right thing to do. However, since theydeemthe right thinguncomfortable,disagreeableor difficult, they end up doing the making the wrong decisions. An effective manager is one that does something regardless of whether it is difficult,disagreeableoruncomfortable. Do notdelayto make any decision in any matter at all times. After a decisionis made, it isnecessaryfor a person to act assertively in regards to that decision thatis made. Acting assertively ensures that one does notgetintobadsituations mostfrequently. Assertiveness means that one communicates his thoughts and feelings to others whilestillother people's thoughts respecting and feelings. Acting assertively involves beingdecisivein your decision.

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The othercrucialissue is being agoodteam leader. Agoodteam leader is one that understands his team- mates and appreciates them. In order to be agoodteam leader, one requires to help his team work in a unit. Unity in team-work is anessentialthingsince it makes everypartywork inharmonytowards a common goal. All parties involved mustsettleall their differences and work together for the purpose ofattainmentof a common goal. Agoodteam leader respects and considers the views of the team-mates. It iscrucialto consider all the views of the people in theteamandcomeup with onestrongresultwhich is beneficial to all the parties involved.

Finally, effectivemanagementof one'stimeis anotherfundamentalissue to be considered. Everytasklisted down in anyorganization's list of things to be achieved within any given time frame should be completed within that time frame.Adherence totimeshould be emphasized withutmoststrictness if any organization is tosucceed.

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