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Hypothesis Testing and Variance

Ms Excel is an electronic spreadsheet normally used for storing, organizing and manipulating data. It is part of Microsoft office and therefore it is normally written and distributed by Microsoft office. It is one of the easiest and most suitable forms of data storage and analysis and embraced by many to reduce workloads of paper.

A manager in any business firm is normally assigned duties of budget and schedule tracking. There are various ways in which a manager can use Ms Excel as a data interpreter to improve or impact his business. One of these ways is that a manager can do all mathematical, statistical and regressions calculations and analysis and be able to use the results to analyze the growth of the company and analyze how the factors of that company can have an impact on the current prevailing economy. Also, managers can use Excel to do research based on data collections from previous findings and analyze out market trends and determine important factors which could have an impact on business and also performing accounting functions.

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In order for research results to give a contribution to knowledge and development in a firm, they have to be presented in an effective manner (Michael and George 2007). Examples through which research results are communicated are through tables and graphs, for example a firm dealing with manufacture of mobile phones can present its research results in a table to show the number of people with access to mobile phones in a certain region and hence will be able to know what areas the company needs to supply more mobile phones. Kenneth (2009) gives advice on how to create tables and graphs using Ms Excel and how to demonstrate and analyze research results.

He argues that using spreadsheets is the most familiar and common way to capture data since one can choose a spreadsheet that is suitable to those who the research results are being exhibited to. The best method to use to analyze these results according to Kenneth (2009) is by use of quantitative content technology analysis where after data has been entered into the spreadsheet, one can be able to analyze the places of interest, based on theory and previous research and then test the subject of the research or hypothesis and give results.

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Ethical behavior is something we should strive for in all that we do (David, Dennis and Thomas 2008).The reputation of a company could be ruined due to unethical behavior like incorrect analysis of data and prejudiced interpretation of research results could lead to a company being sued for misinformation.

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