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Company Manager Policy

This policy manual has been developed by the Chief Executive Officer of Just Web Internet Company under the auspices of esteemed consultant as a tool to aid in the establishment of different departments by the incoming managers. This policy manual will address issues regarding the Just Web Internet Company external environment, planning, organizing, leading and direction of both human and material resource to achieve the company's goals and objective. It is envisioned that through this policy manual, the incoming managers will be in a position to steer the Company's operations and products to new heights in order to provide growth, revenue and value to our customers as well as enhance the personal development of our employees.

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Section I: External environment

Jain et al. (2009) highlight that; external factors in the business environment have an effect on the operations of any business firm. In this regard, the CEO of Just Web Internet understands that the company's policies must be able to adapt to the dynamic external environment business in order to be successful amidst competition from other Internet Service Providers.

As a result, the company's policy with regard to external environment seek to ensure that the company perfect it unique internet options and offers, minimize cost from its operations, deliver more value to the customers and stay ahead of competition from other competitors in the field. The key to success in adapting to the external environment remain in observing past and present customer needs for internet connectivity requirement and at the same time predict the future needs. With growing needs for broadband solutions, the incoming manages should focus on ensuring that the company delivers numerous packages having competitive download and upload speeds speed via broadband and Satellite links for marginalized areas with remote users. This management should also focus on delivery of quality service through use of quality standards.

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Section II: Planning

Bhatia & Prakash (2005) contend that planning is a form of strategy that ensures that a firm derives maximums benefits from the business environment through the proper implementation of business goals and objectives. This policy section informs managers on the need to create and execute business strategies aimed at realizing the company's goal are met at the department level. Furthermore, it is believed that the new managers will be well acquainted with the planning process through proper definitions of goals and objectives as well as managing projects between the clients and the company.

The mission of Just Web Internet Company is to develop first class network infrastructure in the within the country with the objective of empowering people by enhancing cheap, reliable internet access solutions with the vision that company will emerge as the people's choice for internet solution.

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To meet the above, the managers should focus select unique strategies that will ensure that the Company comes up with innovative products and services. These strategies should be selected on the basis that they are rational, practical and that they put into consideration the present resources available to the company. The managers should also review and evaluate the strategies to unsure that they have other possible alternatives or choice to use in case of contingencies.

Section III: Organizing

Staples (2004) confirm that organizing entails the leadership of an organization moving their teams forward towards a goal. Through organizing, the managers should build capacity in their departments in order to align the business resources and with its short term and long term goals. The manages in charge of various department should determine the best course of action for the

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Company by exploiting the strategies generated at the planning stage. In organization the company's operations, the managers should determine the input necessary such as transmission medium, bandwidth allocation, area of coverage as well as the support personnel to be deployed.

Managers should also assign tasks based on the urgency and defined study time in order to offer maximum results. Furthermore, it will be responsibility of the managers to delegate responsibilities at their department in order to ensure correct standards of operations are used and that the employees are accountable and committed to deliver quality internet experience to clients.

Section IV: Leading

With good leadership, Just Web Internet Company will focus on generating events that "will stimulate the future" (Ulrich, 2010, p. 209). Each manager should therefore strive to create activities within their departments that produce an enabling environment that will stimulate employees towards fulfilling their roles.

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The managers are expected to give clear and comprehensive instruction concerning the company's operations. These instructions should be well documented and checked for clarity and employees should be encouraged to ask question when need be. By setting examples in their work, the managers should be well place to lead their respective department towards achievement of company's objectives.

Through motivation, the managers will allow employees to put more efforts in their work for the good of the company and for their own benefit too. Managers are therefore expected to come up with innovative motivation schemes that are consistent with the company's goals and resource. Proper motivation should also provide employee retention within the company thus reducing the number of employee turnover through retention of great skills and talents.

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Section V: Directing

Weinstein (2010) affirms that an organizations cannot succeed in it projects without having the right staff that can direct the business operations in order to set them at par with proven standards. In this regard, Just Web Internet Company understand that it managers should be able to direct their departmental operation towards meeting the right standards that will ensure delivery of quality service to the clients.

This manages should constantly monitor and assess these standard to ensure compliancy. For the technical department, the manager should ensure that industry standards are implemented. For broadband and wireless services, network standards such as 802.11n can be used to ensure maximum bandwidth support for users. The manager should also ensure that proper tools are used for determining network failures and planning upgrades. Additionally, signal strengths should be constantly monitored and remedial actions taken in case of poor performance through the use of alternate means of proving services to clients.

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The success of Just Web Internet Company depends on the clear understanding of the external environment that influences the company's operations and direction. Emphasis should be laid on creating innovative products that meets the increasing demand for internet solution both at great speeds and less latency. The managers of Just Web Internet Company will achieve the company's goal through proper planning of strategies, organizing resources towards executing strategies, leading teams by giving direction and motivation as well as assessing and monitoring operation of the firm. This processes will indeed ensure that the Just Web Internet Company emerge as the company of choice in the delivery of award winning internet solution to both home and corporate clients.

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