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Current Organizational Changes

While assessing the organizational changes within the army, it's imperative to comprehend the institutional background. The size of the military and its intricacy has contributed to problems related to uniform action. This is especially if the change to be introduced is an exodus from not only history but also coaching. Furthermore, army institutions are closed organizations with hierarchical compositions. Therefore, they don't provide themselves voluntarily to transformation. This kind of transformation is supplementary simply made easy by compliment, less centrally restricted institutions.

This research paper is organized in such a way that the first section seeks to provide an understanding of military services. The second section gives an understanding of the structure of the army. The third section seeks to provide an understanding organizational change that my organization (Aramark) is likely to undergo so as to bring about a meaningful reorganization within the Army National Guard. The fourth section discusses the key stakeholders involved and the impact the change would have on them. The last section will describe the change in management approach and shall recommend action steps that should be implemented for minimizing transformation of the organization and its people.

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Military organizations are comparatively defiant to the outside influences. These influences classically pervade other public agencies. Furthermore, they pervade other private enterprises. The reason for this isn't owing to the fact that the uniformed superiors of the modern day world tend to be drawn from the band of bureaucrats who joint the army thirty (30) years back. However the reason is that they can't be introduced from other institutions. The army services are basically personnel which ought to normally adjust to the prevailing assets, examples of the assets include first, ships, second, aircraft and last, their helper weapons systems. Moreover, the army services are basically capital-intensive enterprises which ought to adapt to the aforementioned assets. At the same time, whilst these army services try to adjust, they ought to do so in a manner which is vibrant.

As the services attempt to adapt, they must do so in a dynamic, if not disorderly manner. The disorderly manner of adaptation is normally typified by disjuncture between novel tribulations and the degree and possibility of its general schooling and missions.

The Army National Guard has at all times been exceptional from its dynamic Army and Army Reserve counterparts. This implies that it sustains first and foremost Homeland Defense task that is federal mission. Second, it sustains a Homeland Security task that is state mission.

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The aforementioned tasks of the Army National Guard acts federally like an operational reserve of the military. Moreover, it offers precious mission ability set in both artificial and natural calamity rejoinder/response and relief. In as much as societal army assistance is concerned, the Army National Guard has at all times been a 1st responder.

General Structure of the Army

The fundamental building block of each and every military organization is basically the personal combatant/soldier. A minute faction of combatants arranged with the aim of maneuvering and shooting is known as a squadron/squad. Once the components of the military's organizational structure turn out to be bigger units, they will have escalating subsidiary components. These subsidiary components will include first, combat arms. The second component is combat support. The third and last subsidiary component is combat service backing units. A company is usually the least military component to be furnished a title. Furthermore, it is the least military component to be provided membership with elevated nerve center at both battalion and brigade stage. This alphanumeric and division membership has one major outcome. It makes an element to turn out to be a unit. The following is the structure of the army:

First, a squad is made up of nine (9) to ten (10) combatants. A squad is normally commanded by a sergeant /staff sergeant. It is the least component of the military structure. The size of the squad is reliant upon its role. Second, a platoon is composed of sixteen (16) to forty four (44) combatants. It is commanded by the lieutenant in conjunction with an NCO as the 2nd in command. It is made up of 2 to 4 squads. Third, a company is made up of sixty two (62) to one hundred and ninety (190) combatants. Basically, 3 to 5 platoons make up a company. A company is led by a captain. At the same time, the 1st sergeant serves as the commander's principle NCO aide. A weaponry component of corresponding size is referred to as a battery. On the other hand, an analogous armored which is also referred to as an air cavalry unit is given the name troop. Fourth, a battalion is made up of three hundred (300) to one thousand (1000) combatants. 4 to 6 companies forms a battalion. The battalion is led by a lieutenant colonel. The command sergeant serves as the main NCO helper to the lieutenant colonel. A battalion is able performing autonomous operations of restricted time interval and capacity. Fifth, a brigade is made up of 3 thousand to 5 thousand combatants. A brigade nerves' centre commands the strategic operation of 2 to 5attached war battalions. A brigade is led by a colonel. The command sergeant major serves as the leading NCO. Brigades are typically compelled to conduct autonomous or semi-autonomous operations. Sixth, Division consists of 10 thousand to 15 thousand combatants. It comprises of 3 brigade-sized components. It is led by major general. Divisions are typically numbered and allocated missions in line with their structures. Seventh, corps is made up of 20 thousand to 50 thousand combatants. 2 to 5 divisions make up a corps. Corps is classically led by a lieutenant general. Corps offers the outline for multi-national operations. Last, is made up of 50 thousand plus (+) soldiers. It is led a lieutenant general or top. It comprise 2 or extra corps.

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An aviation company may have a diverse number of troops in comparison to an infantry company. The first reason for this is that it has a diverse mission. Second, it has different equipment and as a result it has diverse needs. The normal structure is first battalion then brigade and lastly, division. Furthermore, the battalions are arranged into regiments as the exemption. An instance of this exemption would be cavalry regiments. Cavalry is exceptional in that battalions are known as "squadrons". Moreover, the companies are referred to as "troops" (Schading, 2006).

Organizational change

Major organizational transformations takes place, for instance, if an organization transforms its general tactic for first and foremost achievement, second, adds or removes a key division or custom, and last, desires to transform the very nature by which it functions. Furthermore, it takes place when an organization develops through a variety of life cycles. In order for organizations to expand, they frequently ought to go through major changes at diverse points in their expansion. Leaders and managers persistently make efforts in order to achieve triumphant and major changes. It is intrinsic in their occupations. A number of leaders and managers are marvelous at this effort whilst others frequently struggle and do not succeed (Free Management Library, 2010).

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Literature Review

In accordance with Peter, who is a management expert, the correct structure doesn't warrant outcomes. However, the inappropriate structure terminates outcomes represses even the most excellent directed efforts. Organizational structure symbolizes the background inside which the institutional existence occurs. This is in accordance with Mark Plovmck who is an organizational theorist. If the organizational structure doesn't back the required conducts amongst institutional members, institutional efficiency is lessened (Katzen, 1989).

The organizational structure is basically a reliance variable which makes up the assortment in organizations after it has been swayed by 4 independent variables. The first variable is outer environment. The second variable is strategy. The third variable is internal capabilities, and the last variable being external social forces. Research and hypothesis regarding organizational structure in connection to exterior environment has contributed to the fundamental acknowledgment that the suitable organizational structure is mainly a utility of facets of the organization's environmental background. This implies that not a single structure which is most excellent for every organization that exists. Furthermore, not every structure is evenly first-class.

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In order for the organizational structure to be of any relevance, it must be customized to the facets of the meticulous setting wherein it's functioning instead of it being fixed to a regular form second, approach and last, style. This is known as the "contingency theory." The contingency theory is made use of in line with the first, organizational design and second, tactic for executing change. The tactics and structure which are suitable for an organization may be resolute via comprehending the contingencies amongst first and foremost organizational variables and second, the external environment. A first-class, sound approach to systematizing ought to comprise of more than simply a reorganization of the boxes on the table. It ought to take into account at least 7 variables. The first variable is structure. The second variable is strategy. The third variable is people. The fourth variable is management style. The fifth variable is systems and procedures. The sixth variable is guiding ideas and shared values that is culture. The last variable is the current and wished-for organizational strengths or skills.

Official organization structure is among the main discernible and documented aspects of organizations. It affects its members' viewpoints and conduct. It's among of the main inputs existing for the implementation of oblique/indirect sway on viewpoint and conduct. Organizational structure may also be defined as a kind of skeleton of official relations amongst departments and persons. Even though the organizational structure doesn't inform the entire tale, nor is it essentially the main significant performance determinant, it's a basis in the procedure of blueprint/design and transformation. To facilitate effectual organizational change, or whichever other type of amendment for, my organizations ought to discern where Army National Guard has been, where it is at the moment, and where my organization desires it to go.

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There are 4 fundamental types of organizations. The first type is functional or centralized. The second type is divisional or decentralized. The third type of organizations is overlay while the last type is the matrix. These are perfect types, and very few organizations take the pure form.

The Air Force military employs the functional organizational form, this form of organization is taken to be centralized, second, specialized, and last, it is able to accomplish elevated effectiveness. It achieves this via taking of benefit of economies of scale. The advantages and doctrines appear to be simply as pertinent nowadays in the same manners as they did for (000s) thousands of years. The functional organizational form is made use of by the bulk of big and thriving organizations.

There are several demerits which are associated with functional organization form. First, it is associated with extremely high fixed costs. Second, it necessitates the employment of extra staff members at the staff level. The aim of this necessity is to enhance the incorporation of the sub-units. Third, as a result of sophisticated level of specialization that is typified by this form of organization, the recruits are compelled to come up with narrow viewpoint of the organization. From time to time they lose sight of the general objectives and mission of the organization. As a result they are not able to notice the forest for the trees. Within an uncomplicated, steady setting in which amendment is sluggish, the functional organizational form might be the main effectual and proficient. If an organization happens to expand, or if it experiences additional speedy change, the adjustment may be impacted by additional subdivision. Furthermore, it may be impacted through the generalization of sub-responsibilities. This can be achieved by escalating expertise and proficiency. The aim of doing this is to permit the handling of doubt at the staff level. Another aim is to permit objective/goal setting at the subunit level rather than obliging close management of custom work (Olson et al., 2001).

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Organizational change that Aramark is likely to make

Aramark will make a number of changes within the Army National Guard. First, it will facilitate the creation of fifteen (15) superior Separate brigades, 8 divisions and 3 strategic brigades. Second, Aramark will facilitate the creation of 2 Special Forces Groups that is nineteenth (19th) and twentieth (20th). Third, Aramark will restructure the composition of the Army National Guard so that it is made up of fifty percent (50%) combat, fifteen percent (15%) CS (Combat Support), twenty four per cent (24%) CSS (Combat Service Support) and lastly, the Army National Guard will be made up of eleven percent (11%) of the Table of Distribution and Allowances units. This change will contribute to a well balanced Army National Guard structure.

Fourth, the current structure of the Army National Guard is that the combat units are aligned to OPLANs. This is in accordance with JSCP apportionment. JSCP stands for Joint Strategic Capabilities Plan. The prevailing Joint Strategic Capabilities Plan apportions every eSBs. Nevertheless, the Army National Guard divisions aren't apportioned. Furthermore, the strategic reserve brigades aren't apportioned. Therefore, Aramark will facilitate the apportionment of the divisions and reserve brigade. The second option is the facilitation of the alignment of Army National Guard combat unit with a nominated AC corps. Fifth, Aramark will facilitate the changeover of 2 combat divisions to Combat Support (CS) and Combat Service Support roles. This will assist in strengthening of the Army National Guard organizational structure into a further balanced structure.

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Sixth, Aramark will make possible facilitate the execution of Guard unit incorporated divisions. This unit shall align dynamic unit division headquarters. This division will have with 3 Army Guard improved Separate Brigades. The aim of this link is to make better the instruction promptness and deploy ability of the improved Separate Brigades. The second aim is to lessen time needed for post-mobilization instruction. Aramark recommends that the first division shall be called the 7th Infantry Division. It should be based Fort Carson. The second division shall be called 24th Infantry Division. It shall be based at Fort Riley (Global Security. Org, 2005).

As far as the recruitment process is concerned, the current enlistment period is 8 years. However, the recruited person may serve for a period of 3 to 6 years and spend the remaining years in Individual Ready Reserve. However, Aramark has lengthily deliberated on this period and has recommended for the reduction of the period to seven years. During the recruitment process, the recruiter normally explains the enlistment period and the available alternatives for the potential recruit. Furthermore, the recruiter assists the recruiter to make the most excellent alternative so as to suit his or her needs. Aramark further recommends that brochures should be prepared which details out the available options to the newly recruited persons. The normal training duration for new recruits is a ten (10)-week rigorous course. The training encompasses of exercises and drills which are intended to harden the newly recruited persons inside and out. This training period is usually disintegrated into 3 phases of approximately 3 weeks each. The training is in addition intended to take the newly recruited persons from normal resident to Citizen-Soldier (Ministry of Defense, 2010).











Identifying the key stakeholders involved and the impact the change would have on them

The ability, second, the core and last, the support stakeholders are necessary to passing on the capability in the majority of the changes within an organization. The stakeholders in this case will be charged with the task of first, to spot and describe extra capability restraints regarding the changes proposed by Aramark. The second task of the stakeholders will be to spot, describe and quantify personal restraints. One of the stakeholders that Aramark has identified is the Central Finance and Resource Planning Staff. Its overall task will be to ensure the balancing of resources at the Army National Guard. The second stakeholder shall be Defense Lines of Development Leads. The last stakeholders shall be the Directorate of Analysis, Experimentation and Simulation. Its main responsibility will be to Act as Acceptance Authority for other simulation or simulation resources which are made use of in sustenance of legalization and affirmation of the changes created by Aramark. The changes introduced by Aramark will necessitate the aforementioned stakeholders to review them and take the necessary steps which will ensure successful reorganization of Army command structure.

Change Management Approach and Recommended Action

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The changeover of the Army National Guard command structure ought to be evolutionary instead of being revolutionary. The R&M, second, novel technology, and last, management and headship inventiveness are quickly shifting the setting and the manner in which activities within the Army National guard are conducted. A diverse command shall have to develop from the quickly shifting setting and organizational structure variables. In order to commence the evolutionary process, I strongly deem that the Army National Guard has to examine 2 alternatives in order to establish the practicability for execution. The first alternative is to alter the current structure and implement the structure recommended by Aramark. The second option is to make stage augmentation improvements to the organization. Each stage ought to be planned so as to persistently shift the organization towards an advanced command structure.

The abrupt act to reorganize and streamline the command structure would be too harsh a shock to the Army National Guard. If the Army National Guard is not provided with ample time in order to change, the reorganization effort would not be necessary. A direct conversion would adversely impact the Army National Guard by first and foremost position downgrades, second, decline in force, third, union intervention, and last, lower self-esteem. The alternative to uphold the status quo would be a grave blunder. The inflexibility within the current organizational structure at Army National Guard would create tribulations. Moreover, it would stop essential amendments at the very time when exceptional amendments are taking place in the environment. The Army National Guard would turn out to be first and foremost impassive, second, ineffective, and last, unable to cater for redefined mission needs in the future. I propose that Army National Guard aircraft command structure be reorganized for the reason of making better service delivery to our country.

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