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Principles of Management

A. Globalization and how it is creating career challenges to college graduates.

The rapid growth of the information and communications technologies (ICT) sectors of many nations around the changed the way nations communicate and conduct business. In the ancient days the main channels of conducting business was physical exchange of goods and services; however with the introduction of information and communication technologies (ICT) most business transactions have become digital and for this reason there is the electronic commerce or E - commerce as is commonly known. According to Christensen globalization can be said to be bringing / joining of different nations or person together with the main purpose of sharing economic, social or political ideas and at the same time transacting business (Christensen, 2010). It is however important to note that the success of globalization has been greatly determined by the way nations around the world have embraced and incorporated information and communication technologies in their systems.

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There are numerous advantages of globalization and they include; transaction of business has become faster and more efficient, there is free trade between various states, communication between different business partners is faster and more accurate since it's real-time among other advantages. The main challenge however faces college graduates who are ready to be absorbed in the job market. The level of education that students get from their respective institutions of higher learning is varies from one region to the other and therefore when student graduate and are looking for employment, most of them are locked out since they don't have the required "technological qualifications" for the advertised job. This means that whereas a student might have the right credentials for the job he might lack the relevant practical skills required to operate a particular computerized machines because of the rapid change of technologies to more advanced ones. This is mostly common in Africa where the level of illiteracy is high and very few people have embraced information and communication technologies.

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B. Explain how McGregor's Theory Y assumptions can create self-fulfilling prophecies consistent with the current emphasis on participation and involvement in the workplace.

According to NetMBA, McGregor's Theory Y states that the self esteem and self actualization needs are two needs that cannot be completely achieved by and person and therefore they are these two needs that greatly determine the performance of employees in the workplace (NetMBA, 2010). These needs can help create self-fulfilling prophecies consistent with the current emphasis on participation and involvement in the workplace in the following ways; the desire to attain these higher level needs will can make a person be self directed, responsible and committed towards ensuring that the activities of the organization and more specifically the department that they have been given the responsibility to oversee runs smoothly.

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In addition to the above the wish by an employ to attain self actualization and self esteem makes them more creative when tackling the task given to them. The reason for this is that they (employees) will strive to come up with the best solution in order to please their seniors and in the end they will be rewarded. It is often said that all work no play makes jack a dull boy, for those employees striving to accomplish this needs most of them work tireless but at the same time they are enjoying their jobs and get time to participate in any event organized by the company. This is to give them a chance to interact well with the rest of the colleagues on a personal or professional level, the end result of this is that it helps them learn from their mistakes and improve on the administration aspect. It also helps them in coming up with the best team to tackle challenges and assignments given to them by clients.

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