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Turning a Failing Organization Around

Interesting as it may seem, reviving a failing organization is one of the most demanding undertakings as far as the field of management is concerned (Heathfied, 2010). The backbone of any organization is largely the products it produces and if no returns are realized from them, then there is a problem and it can never be business as usual. As new as I am, the trouble is even bigger than perceived because of not being well acquainted to the system hence not in a good position to trouble shoot the exact problem and devise an amicable solution. The major issues within my organization are as listed: outdated product lines, adverbial communication and completion for internal resources. In my position as the new manager my first task will be bringing the organization up to its feet through various suitable actions.

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It should most importantly be understood that turning around a deteriorating division an individual has fist to establish what all aspects that are working well and those ones that do not. In this case, it is clear that generally, the division is failing. Nevertheless, in some cases there are still some well functioning elements that need to be maintained. My initial step will therefore be identifying these negative and positive aspects and determine how best they can be employed to improve the product line's division position.

To kick off this smoothly I will make myself familiar to employees and encourage them by demonstrating my position on success of the division. Throughout the meeting I will refer to the prior successes of the division and the best way to turn it back to those old good days. I will additionally express my confidence in them as experts. According to Chapman (2010) this is because of their being long term employees hence they stand a better chance of being a vital source for good ideas to change the division in to a better and successful place.

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To properly comprehend all the working and non-working aspects of the company, I will request all employees to submit their views through either calling or writing to me devoid of names and signatures, to inform me what they deem working and what does not. In addition to this, I shall also require that they offer me ideas on what they think should be done to solve the problem. To establish what they like or dislike from the generated ideas, I will make them accessible preferable on the company's website where they can anonymously vote. Their preferred ideas will be considered by the management but I will also organize for a meeting, during the first quarter, to discus their votes' outcome. This will include addressing concerns on any ideas they may have highly supported but not selected for implementation. This is because the only way to work together as a team is embrace honestly giving praises and accepting criticism (Liebowitz and Associates, 2008).

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Communication is very important for success of any organization and without it; it is difficult to attain the organization's goals. All the above steps are geared towards improving communication. Most frequently, whenever there is failure within an organization, the developed mistrust between the employees and managers stifles communication. Consequently, employees will feel as being ignored while the managers will feel that the losses being incurred are as a result of employee's lack of concern. In the end, there is blame game from both parties for combined failure instead of working together. This is why I choose the first and most important course of action as improving communication among mangers and all other employees.

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Another important meeting I will hold is with heads of departments and emphasize our collective responsibility to improve communication. This will entail informing them on the necessity of corporate information flowing from financials to market data having to be communicated to all employees and ensuring that their thoughts concerning such issues are collectively discussed. I will initiate a reward system to promote this behavior where by any department that will enhance good communication will benefit (Heathfied, 2010).

After fixing adverbial communication, the next step will be turning around the product line and increasing employee involvement. The essence of having outdated product line and deteriorating market share can only be translated into buyers not wanting whatever the company is selling. There are many questions that can be asked to establish why the products are not appealing: is it as a result of the product being obsolete? Is it as a result of the product being of poor quality? Is the product too expensive? And is it because of wrong audience for product being targeted? All these issues have to be studied and established swiftly. My request will therefore be that the advertising, sales and marketing managers hold a meeting incorporating their departmental employees to get the solutions.

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After making their determinations, I will hold a meeting with them and post our discoveries on the website again. All employees will have access to it and shall be required to anonymously comment ob them for a specified period of time, preferably a week. Basing on the generated feedback, but after careful and tight scrutiny, necessary changes to the product line will be made. Possibly, I will request all employees to test our new products and offer their views concerning them. This action other than enabling the division to obtain a free test subjects' source, will also allow help employees get very successful product solutions. This will additionally help the division save costs on test marketing apart from employees appreciating their much needed help to the department. As a result, the management and employees will remain united (Liebowitz and Associates, 2008).

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Coming to the task of corporate alignment, I will not automatically change the structure of the division unless so indicated by the first step's findings. This is because a lot of corporate structure's changes can isolate employees, especially if such changes are initiated by a new manager. For that reason, even though I will change the manner in which things are performed, and who holds the power to speak to speak and be listened to, my attempt will to maintain the corporate shell the I found it and work to demonstrate to employees the way their extended roles fit in the into the old structure. Through sustaining the old environment's stability and adding excitement by introducing new duties and communication tools and functions, a new and good sense of purpose and momentum will be experienced by the company/division.

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The last section to deal with is the financing of the division. This will however be done depending on the product line review's success, where I will talk to the CEO concerning a new campaign for a modified marker line. I will hence bring forward the evidence we established on what required to be done and for what reasons. Consequently, I will ask for funding aimed launching the new products. For more clarification, I will indicate the new expected financial outcomes, if the new products meet our expectations that they are what are required by the market (Chapman, 2008). Additional explanation will be that the expenses got rid of by terminating the old products can be utilized to pay for the new ones launch.

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To sum up the whole discussion it is important to note that even though the definitive determiner of this plan's success is the market, enhancing communication, amplifying the morale and involvement of employees and working together to recover whatever is non-functioning within the company/division and together with respecting the working aspects, there will definitely be some levels in improvement and success.

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