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Concepts of Management

Most modern organizations from the various parts of the world that perform highly and have contemporary structure in the overall organization have to know the benefits of coaching and mentoring as concepts of management. They must have the notion and the knowledge that an organized company appears good to the outside world as its own staff.  This is because there are various personal qualities that are used to develop these workers in the company on the day to day basis. These development and learning skills involves the various forms of traditional management techniques that are blended together and the various coaching methods used by the various bosses in the organization in order to get the best results from their staff.

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These methods nurture the staffs from the lowest performing status to the highest performing status thus driving the company to greater heights in terms of profitability. For a company to increase its production level, both traditional and use of coaching techniques must be employed at some point during the entire period of a company’s growth. The various skills that are nurtured must be noted periodically step by step. Some of the attributes include: aspirations, behavior, knowledge and skills. Therefore, good coaching and mentoring methods have been noted by the various scholars and companies as some of the highly effective method that assist the staff in various forms. For instance via talking, increasing the level of self direction and the esteem of the staff, efficiency and accountability. It must be noted that all these methods helps the staff to improve the productivity of the company by giving them tips on achieving these.

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Traditional management techniques

Traditional management techniques involve various methods that are disciplined and have unique planning methods for delivering the best results. The traditional management involves a further collection of various technical tools that are used to implement the various activities that aim to improve the productivity of the companies through the staff working there.  This method tends to take the assumption that activities would have an impact on the overall method of management are very predictable plus all the equipments and the various tools in use are understandable. Also it has been noted that once a particular phase has been implemented and surpassed, it is forgotten and left alone without any revision taken on it. This management technique has various models that are used to achieve the best results by most organization. One among the models is the commonly known waterfall model that has various steps. Waterfall model has various advantages that make it suitable for use by common organizations from the various parts of the world and one among it is the various developmental steps that clearly outline the importance and roles of the requirements.

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The various steps enable the clients to fully outline the various needs for the progress of the organization and exhaust them fully before moving to the next step in line. Various disadvantages also inhibit the use of the technique in offering good management in an organization. For instance various clients have reported complaints on the difficulty that faces them in stating all the requirements that need in each of the developmental phase. It also has come to the notice of most departmental heads that it becomes difficult for all the projects to be followed in a sequential flow as directed by the waterfall method of management technique.  It is believed that the outcome of the method is very accurate because of the long period and decades of use by most companies worldwide.

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Other traditional techniques may include; Agile model which is considered by many as highly iterative. It includes various incremental process, whereby various types of stakeholders including the clients come in for one common purpose of actively working in one common unity in order to get the real understanding on how the management works, get to look for what needs to be developed and get to analyze the functionality. There is also the Team work technique which entails the process of coming together and working as a team that has been united to achieve common laid down objectives or goals. This is because it has been traditionally observed that some tasks or projects are best done when the various staffs in a particular company come to do them in sets of team work. Various approaches to various problems are discussed by the different kind of people. The technique allows the various individual to contribute their ideas to find various forms of solutions to the problem at hand.

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Another technique is the delegating technique which works best in institutions where the boss has gathered enough trust from the clients that would enable him or her to delegate them with various duties or work and leave them to work on these duties. It must be known that the time frame must be designed for the various clients in order to have the work done within the stipulated time that has been laid for them. The clients are given the assignments according to their skills. The boss must always stress out the deadlines in a way that each and every staff gets it clearly.

Use of coaching techniques

By definition, coaching techniques is the use of various mentoring skills so as to nurture the employees or rather the staff of a particular company on how to have the best attributes through the various unique and easy to follow process of analyzing and action oriented that would help and assist them attain and get a positive attitude towards work and a full potential of working with focus minds. The main and major goal of coaching is to have the seasoned person to have the ability of delegating more jobs to the junior staff in an organization and having the freedom of less process of supervision in the long run. Coaching techniques must be used whenever there is the need for increasing performance in an organization or increasing the level of motivation to the staff in order for them to increase the productivity in the organization.

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These techniques must be able to assist the various employees in the organization to develop their careers, solve various conflicts in the work place in order to deliver the best results at end of the day and also serve the role of motivating the staff to have positive minds always. In order to coach successfully, the mentor must always have some guidelines that would initiate the coaching process. Among these guidelines lie some reasons for coaching. But there are various challenges or hurdles that must be overcome in the overall process of coaching and mentoring all the staff in the company in order to gain good and the best personal attributes. There are various sets of skills that need to be developed on the staff attributes in order for them to deliver the best results at the end of the day. Coaching techniques are believed to have long term impact of enriching the staff with new skills to solve future conflicts in the company.

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The Process of Coaching

Analysts and experts from the various fields of management have come up with the various processes of offering coaching. For any process of coaching through mentoring, it has been shown six good levels or stages that are in cycle each of which lies on the basic concept of use of questionnaires for efficient questioning, listening and response inform of feedback. The first phase involves the coach meeting with the clients so as to know the main goal of understanding each other and creating good rapport. What will follow then is for both parties to sit down and have a forum of discussion about the subject of reality the client is facing. At this stage or phase, the coach would need to develop the mentoring styles and techniques he or she will be going to implement in order to offer the best coaching program.

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The third phase involves the mentor or the coach exploring the various options that are available for offering the coaching skills in the best manner possible. The next phase, which is the fourth one, involves the process of identification of the next course of action that would always involve training of the client and make them understand everything that they are being coached. It is good to note that the course of action should be in favor of the client to enable him or her enjoy the training session in the long run. The fifth phase is the entire process of implementation of the various actions that have been agreed by both the concerned parties (in this case, the client and the coach). This implementation process must be undertaken using a clear response from the coach that has been collected during the entire process of training. The sixth phase involves putting together the various sets of skills that have been acquired during the entire process of coaching in order to develop a new coaching cycle.











The Short term and long term consequences of the above techniques

The short term consequences that would arise due to the use of the above techniques include such effects as conflict resolution that would result as the use of various models of solving problems that may arise in the organization such as use of waterfall model. During the team work disagreements among different team members that was there earlier can be resolved through the sharing of ideas and the various discussion forums initiated in the team work. We can also get staffs being motivated at the end of the day through the various mentoring skills that has been impacted on them by the coach which would restore their enthusiasm for a short moment and get focused.  Brainstorming is another short term consequence that has to be learned from these management techniques. It enables staff to have a creative input from the team work so that it can keep the various projects on track.

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The long term consequences that would result from the use of either traditional management techniques or use of coaching techniques may include future development of careers whereby staffs would be having the opportunity to get future promotions because of the knowledge they have achieved from the various management models and coaching session they have fully participated in. Another consequence that would arise include a problem being solved in the organization whereby staff or clients would be better equipped with the best skills and knowledge on how to identify and analyze problems and get possible solutions to them without further wastage of time. The staff would also build up their skills through the various team works that they actively participate in the long run. They get to learn new skills and practice them in order to understand them further.

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