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Corporate Governance for Information Systems Security

It governance is basically a discipline that is found in corporate governance. The system basically focuses on Information Technology. There has been a rising interest in the risk management corporate including Sarbanas-Oxley that is situated in the United States. Governance is a nutshell, is coming up with a clear expectations on the business conduct. Many organizations have come up with policies and procedures that will allow the managers to manage their workers in a better way. IT governance can only be considered to be effective if it is able to measure the performance of the organization. Stakeholders can be defined as any entity that has the potential of gaining or losing through various activities in the IT functions.

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Organizations should consider incorporating security in the governance efforts. This is important because the organization is able to comply with the myriad regulations of the information system. To implement this system in the organization, first the employees need to be motivated so as to make them understand the importance of the system (Dowland 2005). To implement a new framework in the organization, it is important to seek consultations from consultants. There is a need for the stake holders to be involved in the IT governance. This is important because governing for the enterprise security is all about viewing adequate security that can be used in the organization.

To be able to come up with a sustainable capability, the leaders must take the responsibility of ensuring governance level is in existence. Security has become very vital in most organizations and it means business to most organizations. The art arcane has become a mandatory issue of doing business. If accompany loses the database for the customers, it will not just affect the productivity of the business but it will also affect the company reputation. This may affect the entire image of the organization and thus the customers may run away. There are many risks that a company may experience while in operation.

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They may have terrorism, computer viruses, phishing emails and hackers. The world technology is advancing so fast and the company need to know the newly upgraded systems and protect their data from being interfered with by the intruders. There are so many benefits if the company decides to implement IT governance in their system. It today's economical environment, it is very difficult to deliver when the required resources are not available. To improve the productivity of a company, then it is important to provide all the required resources. In today's era, there is a high demand to performance.

Organizations need to take proper decisions when dealing with matter concerning it and the security systems of the organization. This is the only way that will make the company attain its competitive advantage. There is needed to come up with a focused management team that is going to take care of the IT projects and all other relevant IT services (Dowland 2005). This will lead to short term successes that will lead to future success. It governance can also improve the adaptability and the competitiveness of a company. Managers must work hand in hand with the IT department to ensure that the policies involved are well implemented. IT security professionals have a big role to play in terms of governance.

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They are always o n the front line to ensure that the systems are well implemented. The IT security experts also have a basic role of ensuring that all the technical problems in an organization are solved. For an organization to ensure that they have a competitive advantage over the other companies there is a need to train their staffs and equip them with all the information needed. This will enable the company to implement other upcoming systems and it will be easier to incorporate into the system. The jobs performed by the top security staffs are very sensitive and the staffs need to be very preservative and not to spread the information to the outside market. This may put the company to be at risk and they may be affected with issues like hacking.

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IT government can help an organization to out perform other companies when well implemented. When there is poor governance, there are chances of increased programmatic waste, and lower morale among the workers and customers. This may lead to low productivity in an organization. For any activity that goes on in an organization, customer must be at the center of every decision made. If all the products produced are customer made, it may lead to increased sale. The IT governance is much more important that any other in the department than the entire company (Dhillon 2007). This does not mean that the company should ignore other departments.

Good IT governance must be in a position to address a whole business process in the company. While doing this, they should be able to coordinate all other activities and at the same time keep on advancing and upgrading their systems. Governance is not used for only large companies. It governance is needed in both small and large companies. IT is responsible in the dissemination of the organizational structure of the company. As the company grows complex, there is a need to improve the entire communication of the company. Lack of communication in the company in some cases, it affects the entire performance of the company. This means that, there is a need to have both horizontal and vertical communication. This means that, as much as managers may communicate to junior staffs, there is a need also for departmental communications.

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