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Local and Federal Disaster Resources

Disaster management is a complex issue since includes the assessment of the risk, prevention measures, coping with preparedness of a future disaster, the emergency disaster management and most important how to deal with recovery and reconstruction of the victims. Whenever a disaster strikes then numerous people are left injured and stranded; the best thing that people can do is to take care of the disasters and more specifically aiding the victims get through (Copelan, 1995). Disaster is either a human made or natural catastrophe; human made catastrophe may be due to riots, warfare, demonstrations and terror attacks. Natural disasters may be Meteorological such as hurricanes, tornadoes, cold spells, hailstorms, typhoons, droughts, snowstorms, and heat waves; topological catastrophes, such as floods, avalanches, earthquakes and landslides; and biological disasters, such as disease epidemics and insect swarms.

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This paper identifies two resources offered by New York City and two resources offered by FEMA to aid victims recovering from a terrorist attack or natural disaster. In addition, it explains how these resources work and how victims can utilize and find these resources. It also explains how local, state, and federal agencies could better advertise and be more organized to provide meaningful mental health and trauma support to victims of disasters (Ferris, 1998).

After a disaster the victims of a terrorists attack require adequate and rapid support so as that they are able to resume back to their normal life. By providing them with the adequate resources they are able to overcome the effects of the disaster. Just like the 9/11 terrorist attacks at the World Trade center in New York City then the city department had to develop a plan to make sure they aid the victims to recover from such disasters. The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has been developed especially to be able to manage disasters in that they will provide searching the urban areas and rescue missions; working on life saving operations; providing public and individual needs; and execute programs of human services and assisting victims (New York City Fire Department, 2010). The NY city department has set up the fire department of New York (FDNY) that ensures victims are taken care of. The FDNY has a strategy that focuses on the organizations adaptability; response capability; prevention and protection; and Coordination, Collaboration and Evaluation.

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The office of Emergency Management (OEM) has been mainly effective in the caring of victims of terror attacks. This has been in conjunction with The Department of Homeless Services, and American Red Cross in Greater New York. Together they formed the Disaster Assistance Service Center (DASC) after the hurricane Katrina. The needs of the victims that were affected by hurricane include housing, financial aid and clothing. The victims of the attacks require financial aid and moral and psychological support. These resources are offered by the NY department and FEMA (New York City Fire Department, 2010).

Financial aid is very important since it will aid in making the victim be able to go back to the same point before the terror attacks. This will make him or her be able to pay bills especially if their work place is affected. For instance; the 9/11 attacks affected many people where their workplace was bombed. This means that for the persons where their businesses and workplaces were affected then their livelihood was affected. Financial aid will be very essential in the recovery process since solving the financial problem of the victims will make him or her get a stable life (Tierney, et al. 2001).

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This will make him or her be able to pay bills which can be very stressing to the individual. Stressing the individual will be detrimental to the recovery process since the person will always be worried of the bills. In addition, the financial aid will come in handy to make the people economically recover from the losses. The finances will also be very useful in catering for the health care needs of the victims since some will require buying medication or paying for health services. The finances will also cater for helping in funerals of the victims since their families will have to contribute to funds that they have not planned. Such funds would cater for the education of the dependants of the deceased and cater for their needs since they may have lost a bread winner and provider in their lives (Moss, 2002).

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The emergency response teams will have to evaluate the actual needs of the victims such as food shelter and clothing. Solving these basic needs will be very important since they will be more focused on other things in their lives that will fasten the recovery process. For the NY city department of emergency response they will have to obtain, allocate and share the funds among the victims and make sure they are all catered for. They department must also be very open in that it must be transparent and accountable at all times.

Psychological counseling and support is also very important in view of the fact that it will help the victims be able to overcome traumatic experience of the terror attacks. This will include ensuring the victims are emotionally supported. The victims will be counseled to make them forget the pain and accept the pain and losses. The NY department has trained specialists who are able to guide the victims through numerous counseling sessions to ensure they regain their positive life (Moss, 2002).

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Counseling and psychological support is a vital component in any disaster since the victims have already been subjected to great trauma which means they are greatly affected mentally. This is due to the scenes they witnessed such as seeing people burning in fire, blood flowing and even experiencing themselves close to death. Some are also physically injured and they need the strength to accept their new conditions such as they will never be able to walk, see, hear or use their hands again. The department has fully trained and qualified personnel in the emergency response team who are able to provide adequate and professional counseling and psychological support to the victims to overcome the side effects.

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In addition, the victims must be able to reconnect with their families. Those that are victims by being part of the attacks will have to go back to their families and be accepted as they are. On the other hand, families of those that have died will be trained on accepting the news and leading on with their lives. This psychological support is very essential for the victims since the recovery process is reliant on it. The counseling sessions will be an important resource both by the NY city department and FEMA to assist the victims from their interrupted lives and restore themselves to a better position.

To be able to access these resources the victims have to have access to the NYC Office of Emergency Management (OEM). This will ensure that they are registered by the Disaster Assistance Service Center which will ensure they get all the benefits (New York City Fire Department, 2010). The registered victims will be well catered for in that they will be provided with the required funds. They will also be counseled till they recover with adequate follow up to ensure they are fully prepared to face the challenges they have in life. This includes training those who will have disabilities in the disaster how to function effectively and efficiently.

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To be able to cover all the victims the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) requires a lot of funds; this is in view of the fact that they have to plan for all the victims. For this to happen, every person must be aware of the office especially the victims. Thus advertisement should be done immediately after the disaster happens. In addition, this office should not be temporal but be established permanently. This will ensure that there are always enough funds to support these victims. There is also dire need for sharing and spreading information through the sharing networks of the disasters.

This means that a network of victims will be created that will help reach out to others who are not yet identified. On the other hand, the networks will help them mentally and psychologically since they will be able to share their common experiences they faced during the disaster and thus get well faster (New York City Fire Department, 2010). Training more experts and advancing those that are already trained will help in assisting in healing the victims since adequate and professional care is given to the victims.

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In conclusion, prevention is better than cure; however disasters whether natural or human made are sometimes not preventable. Thus it is always safe to stay always prepare for anything that can occur. For terrorism adequate measures should be put in place so as to make sure the citizens are first protected before they become victims. In addition, even if the disaster occurs the city should ensure they minimize the effects.

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