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Scheduling, Resources and Budgeting

This project aims at restructuring and enlarging a mental health facility so that it is suitable fortreatmentof at risk teens. In order that this project is successful, resources have to be used to make this project effective. A number of costs have to be incurred in order for everything tomoveon smoothly. There arevariouscosts involved in this project. The main aim is to identify these costs, and determine the nature of the costs involved. The aim of thisparticularproject is toenlargehealthfacilityin order to reduce congestion in the mental facility.

In most cases ina production process, direct costs are easily traceable to the end product (Economics). For the mentalinstitutionto be expanded, there are some of the costs that need to be incurred in order that these be effective. Some of the costs include, hiring an architect to analyze the structure. This is a directcostsince one can trace thecompletionof the structure to thedesignerthat is thearchitect. The architect willdrawaplanthis project and determine how big theinstitutionshould be considering the amount of space available for the expansion.In addition, other direct costs involved in this project include, cost of purchasing the building materials for the structure, in this case, the cost of cement, building stores or bricks, sand and other building materials can be regarded as direct costs.They can be used to determine thegeneralcost of the entire project.

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Apart from the direct costs involved in this project, there are also indirect costs which must be incurred for the completion of the project.Indirect costs are those that cannot be linked directly or traced to the final product. For this project to be complete, one must hire labor which will assist in building thestructure. The money involved in paying the workers is an indirect cost.The cost of transporting the building materials from the place of purchase to thementalfacilitycan be considered as an indirect cost.In addition, the cost of acquiring a building permit in accordance to the Atlanta rules andregulationis also an indirect cost (Andrew J. Dunar) enforces rules and regulations regarding building. They ensure that the minimum standards of repair, demolition, construction and maintenance of the buildings met in this city.To meet standards and expectations, one requires highlyskilledpersonneltodothis work.The wages that these peoplegetcan be considered as indirect costs since it isverydifficultto directly linkthe final construction to these workers.

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Other costs that need to be incurred in this project are theadministrationcosts. Administration costs are the costs incurred in controlling and directing anorganization. These are the costs incurred in setting up extensional departments in the organization. They are finances that the project seeks todedicateto each department in this mental institution.

For this project to be effective and ensure that all parties involved arecomfortable, a lot of time and patienceis required. This project can be made effective over a period of at least three years. This is because a lot of planning needs to be carried out to make this project effective. Planning for the project takes a long time. This is because there are several stages involved in planning. For theplanto be effective and worth considering, one mustdoa lot of field research to try and find out where and how the extension may be constructed. Enlarging thementalfacilitymay take a longperiod of time. This is because, before anybuildingsetup in Atlanta, one mustacquirea building permit the local authorities. For them toreceivethis building permit, they must ensure that the localauthorityconvinced that they have met thesetstandards. To ensure that these standardsare metrequires a longertime period. In addition, the project aims at identifying a temporaryplacewhere the mentally challenged teenagers can be housed. Getting such aplacemay take time and this may also delay the project from being effective.

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The main objective behind any project is minimizing cost and maximizing on profits besides offering the best for the society.Eventhoughthis project may be time consuming and costly, there are several areas that we need to cut costs in order to save as much as possible financially. The firstareain which the project cancutcost on is when finding a temporary residence for teens in this institution. Sincethisis atemporaryresidencefor the teens, one needs to find aplacewhich is cheap enough tosustainthe teens within the given time frame.However, as much as the temporary residential area ischeap, it should be ascomfortableas possible.Since this is a rehabilitation area, the comforts of the patients need to be ensured. This should be made possible in order toassurethe patients, their parents and the government that the projectis aimedat protecting the well being of the teens besides making a profit.

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The otherareawhere costs can be cut is when it comes to hiring of staff. The project should aim at hiring few highly qualified staff. This includes the doctors, psychiatrists, nurses and the administrative staff. The project should consider hiring enough staff members. This willsavethe project the cost of hiringverymanystaffbut, it will ensure that theinstitutioncarries out its activities in the best way possible. It will reduce uncertainties when carrying out their activities and, reduce the cost of paying staff salaries and overall reduction in the expenditure of the business. Since there are only 75 children in this institution, the project canhireat most ten staff members to cater for their needs.

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In any project, there must be risks and uncertainties involved. Coming up with such anactivitymay lead to emerging ofmanyrisks involved. The biggest risk involved in this project is the financial risk. This is alarge-scaleproject which requires a lot of finances. A lot of money needs to beputup in this project in order for it toworkwell and effectively. The project may prove to consume much more than whathas been budgetedfor. This may lead to a shortage in the supply of money for the project. Since money is the basic requirement for this project, a shortage of it may make theprojectincomplete. Incase this happens; one may consider finding ways in which they maygetfinances. This includes, asking well wishers to come in and aid in the completion of the project. Besides that, one may also consider anoptionof applying for loans from financial institutions. These institutions include banks. Once one has financialhelp, then this project can beveryeffective.

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Thesecondandminorrisk involved is theriskof winning the parents and the patients trust on the success of the institution. It may be difficultto fullyconvincethe parents that this project will certainlyprovidethe best rehabilitation service to the children. They may have doubts for the success of this project.Therefore, it is thedutyof the people involved in the project to ensure that this project is asconvincingas possible to the parents that this project is going to be successful.

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